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The town of Novalja, Croatia is a stunning town seaside town to the far-north-west of the Island of Pag. In recent years a very unique Novalja beach has built an infamous and global reputation for its world-leading open-air nightclubs, festival calendar, VIP service areas and vibrant Novalja nightlife located on Zrće beach.

However, Novalja is far more than a festival location, much more!

Novalja is also a popular destination for family holidays, relaxing island breaks, beach vacations, and quiet getaways. 

Novalja croatia

The town is a 75-minute drive from the beautiful city of Zadar! That allows for plenty of opportunities to experience a combination of city break and relaxing beach vibes. Here on the island.

People travel from all around the World to enjoy Novalja’s breathtakingly beautiful beaches and experience the crystal clear sea waters.

Most visitors dive in and indulge in the culture, foods, and excitement of this unique town.

Novalja holidays can be a vibrant mixture of fun, energy, music, and taste. It all depends on what you are looking for. What are you waiting for?

Zrće Beach, Novalja, Croatia

For many years now a spectacular beach on a small island off the coast of Croatia has been making a fantastic name for itself.

The Island of Pag is home to the open-air clubbing sensation that is Zrće beach and if you are an electronic music clubber or festival lover then this place is most definitely for you.

Zrće beach has built up a reputation for being a day and night party location of epic proportions.

The trip from Novalja to Zrće beach is a mere couple of kilometres from Novalja town centre so everything is super local to your novalja accommodation!

No wonder Zrce Beach here in Novalja, Croatia has got so many people around the world talking!

noa beach club season 2023

Noa Beach Club Season 2023

There are four amazing, world-class superclubs that are open all season long and run literally 24 hours a day!

The similarities to Ibiza are blatantly there but forget that they have created their very own clubbing ecosystem with its very own Adriatic vibe.

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Novalja Hotels

For many years there was very little choice when it came to staying in a hotel in Novalja.

Croatia hotels as a whole have vastly improved all over the country in the last decade and that certainly applies to Novalja!

The last few years have certainly seen some welcome hotel additions arrive in town.

liberty hotel novalja

There have been several new 4-star Novalja hotels built over the last few years. Plus. many of the existing hotels have been upgraded to a great standard! 

Instead of just a couple of small family-run hotels (which are excellent by the way!) these brand new hotel locations now offer hundreds of high-class rooms, fantastic facilities and are available at reasonable prices.

This now gives visitors far more choice and we have listed the hotels in Novalja currently available below..

Novalja Apartments

If you like to stay in your own apartments when you go on holiday then Novalja Croatia is certainly a great place for you.

Novalja has an abundance of apartments ranging from budget 2-star apartments all the way through to the 5-star luxury locations.

Most of the apartments in Novalja have the owners local to them so if you require any help or assistance they are on hand.

Also, the vast majority are fitted with air conditioning, free wi-fi and are maintained to a very high standard.

Swimming pools have also become pretty common so when it comes to apartments in Novalja you are spoilt for choice.

view of pag hotel swimming pool

Just to add, whilst there are not any physical apartments in Novalja’s Zrce beach you will be pleased to know that Novalja, Stara Novalja and Gajac are all a very short distance away.

Villas in Novalja, Croatia

Who wouldn’t want to stay in a stunning villa in Novalja, Croatia?

 I know all the team here at Novalja Local love the opportunity to stay in these magnificent places.

Again, this is another area that has seen huge development over the last few years. 

New Novalja villas have been popping up all over the county and they are absolutely stunning!

They are located with breathtaking views, luxury facilities, fancy swimming pools but are still conveniently local to the town, beaches, and nightclubs on Zrce beach.

view of villa sara novalja swimming pool at night

Whilst there are not any actual villas in Novalja’s Zrce beach but most villas we list are located in and around Novalja, Stara Novalja, Gajac and Lun which are all super local to Zrce. 

Novalja Hostels

Novalja has always been spoilt for choice when it comes to good quality and affordable accommodation in Novalja, Croatia.

All the team here at Novalja local have spent many memorable nights, weeks and even months staying at some of the loveable hostels in Novalja.

They are always incredibly well run, super clean and friendly and you are guaranteed to meet some of the most fabulous travellers there!  We have actually made some friends for life staying at some of these vibrant hostels! 

You will be able to stay in a mixture of dorm rooms with bunk beds, mixed rooms, family rooms and even go VIP and stay in a single room!

But where’s the fun in that eh! 

Hostels are certainly the more affordable option for staying in Novalja but this is definitely a service Novalja, as a whole, excels in. 

We take a look at a selection of Novalja hostels you can stay at on your holidays to Novalja.
novalja pag

Nearest Airport to Novalja, Croatia

If you are thinking of a flight to Novalja in Croatia then the closest airports to Novalja are Zadar and Split.

Transfers from Split Airport to Novalja take around 2.5 hours whereas transfers from Zadar airport to Novalja are shorter at only 75 minutes.

You will find that there are many reliable and reputable airport transfer services based here in Novalja.

Airport transfer companies that we recommend can be found listed here.

novalja pag island

Novalja Bus Station

Novalja Croatia has an extremely busy bus and coach station which is an important transport hub to the town.

Buses and coaches are a hugely popular mode of transport for visitors travelling to the region. 

Whether you are just arriving from Zadar, returning from Novalja to Split airport, coming down from the capital city of  Zagreb to Novalja, or even making a longer coastal trip from Pula to Novalja this bus station has you covered.

You will also find the Novalja taxi service on hand at the bus station to whizz you to your apartment or next location.

There are regular bus lines coming in from all over Croatia and Europe and to make things easy for you guys we have listed the latest timetables, website links and information here for you.

Happy travelling!

view of deserted novalja beach

Novalja Beaches

In a nutshell, the selection of beaches in Novalja is mind-blowing. Novalja is blessed with countless incredible beaches and fabulous Adriatic seawater.

Everywhere you go around the coastline of the island you will find a hidden Novalja beach “gem” or mysterious coves for you to spend those sunny days on.

We are spoilt for choice, that is for sure.

Novalja beaches are fabulously clean, consistently win the coveted Blue Flag Beach awards and are a mixture of sand and small shingles depending on where you go.

There is always easy access to the sea but remember to pack some sea shoes as it makes walking on the shingles and the odd sea urchin so much easier.

Speaking from experience here! Ouch! 

cafe bars novalja

Novalja Restaurants

It is undeniable that the food available in Croatian restaurants is simply next level amazing!

We have been eating in Novalja restaurants for the best part of a decade and, apart from the odd time (which you get anywhere!), we have always been hugely satisfied with the quality and variety of foods available in and around Novalja. 

You will find a whole range of à la carte, bistro, pizzeria, fast food, seafood and gourmet restaurants all over Novalja.

The quality of food is always impressive. The prices are decent.

Alongside that, the service we have received has always been professional, speedy and incredibly friendly.

novalja church
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