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About Novalja Local

Holiday like you’re a local!

Novalja Local is a team based in Novalja, Croatia. Between us, we have several decade’s' worth of travel and tourism experience in the region and our goal is to bring you the very best of everything local to Novalja.

Our focus is on being the best source of information for everyone visiting Novalja on their vacation, but we are also experts on travel in Croatia and cover all the tourist information you need to know for a visit to Croatia.

Our Team & Community

As well as being experts in local tourism, our team also includes professionals in the world of electronic music, festivals, and music tourism.

On top of that, we have a growing and highly engaged community on social media who also contribute to everything Novalja! 

We regularly and consistently reach out to locals from Novalja who provide up-to-date island insights, thoughts on tourism trends, and Novalja-based product and service recommendations.  

What We Do

Novalja Local is filling the knowledge gap. Our core mission is to publish the best Novalja content, covering everything from accommodation, food, travel, things to do, festival news, local activities, and current island stories. 

We are here to answer your questions whether it’s about where to stay, where to eat, or what the DJ lineup for your favorite Zrće festival is! 

Island Advice

Our team of island locals, travels specialists, and music experts write detailed research-driven guides on attractions, accommodations, food, and holidays like a Novalja local.

Reviews and Guides

Our team is Novalja based; many are native locals born and bred, and we continuously explore the ever-evolving Novalja to uncover the best places to stay, places to eat, places to party, and places to just relax. 

We write balanced guides about the best things Novalja has to offer. We want to help you make more informed decisions when it comes to holidaying here in Novalja. Our goal is to help you make the right decisions for you and to ultimately have the best stay in Novalja possible. 

Our Review Process

The team research, purchase, and experience every Novalja service or product possible so that we can give you unbiased reviews based on our hands-on experience. 

Of course, our local knowledge is a critical part of our review process. The recommendations in our guides are the result of the combined opinion and expertise of all the relevant members of our team. 

They are based on personal experience, island knowledge, methodical research, our analysis of verified customer reviews across several travel-based websites and platforms, and from survey feedback that we seek from our social media and, more importantly, people actually vacationing on the island.

This means that our Novalja guides only cover recommended products, places, and services that have an unbiased vote of confidence from a wide range of locals, visitors and experts.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to provide expert written quality advice on Novalja and holidaying in Croatia and to help you make more informed decisions about your visit to the area.

Mission Driven

Our team and our community work together to provide the best information for every Novalja visitor.


We only recommend accommodation, services and products that we would use ourselves and visitors approve of.

Island Approved

Wherever necessary, our travel and tourism articles are written or reviewed by a qualified travel expert.

We Live Here 356 Days a Year

All of the Novalja Local team live in Novalja all year round. Local knowledge doesn’t get more grounded than that. We are "Novalja Locals"!

Our Writers


Jelena Samaržija

Jelena was born in Split but her family moved to Novalja when she was still a baby. Her father, being born and raised in the then-tiny and unheard-of Novalja, wanted his kids to grow up in this small but beautiful town. She is very familiar with the local tourism scene as she was working for a tourist agency for over a decade, received her tourist guide license, and has been organizing tours all over Croatia.

The local cuisine is her playground as both of her parents are excellent chefs who specialize in Croatian but mostly Dalmatian food.


Dexter Jones

Dexter arrived in Novalja in 2011 after living on the party island of Ibiza for many years. The plan wasn't to stay but the Universe works in weird and unpredictable ways. He met a local girl, Jelena, they settled down and they now have two beautiful boys. Dexter is a digital media consultant and an electronic music strategist who still promotes prominent events all around Europe. He has a long-standing involvement in travel and tourism, is in love with Croatia (especially Novalja!), and has turned that passion into this blog about the beautiful Island of Pag on the Adriatic coast.

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