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Pag Croatia: The Moonrock

It’s no wonder that in recent years the Croatian Island of Pag has become the location for so many movies and new . As you cross the iconic Pag Island Bridge you are immediately hit by Pag’s barren, rocky and vast moonrock-type landscape. There is no other place like this in Croatia, that’s for sure. The island is often referred to as “The Moonrock”!

Alongside this alien-like moonscape, Pag (island) is surrounded by clear and brilliant blue Adriatic sea waters. Hidden coves and beaches dress the island on all sides and the Velebit mountains of the mainland dominate the inland horizon. Pag is blessed with one of the finest and most magical sunsets in the World and the sunrise is nothing short of a mystic experience.

Pag Croatia is an eclectic mix, an unusual blend of energies.

welcome to pag island

Welcome to Pag Island 

The island is world-famous for producing and exporting high-end and award-winning cheeses (Paški sir), olive oils, and wines. Not forgetting that the island is the origin of Pag lace, a centuries-old tradition that was started by the Benedictine nuns of the St. Margaret convent.

But oddly, alongside all this island beauty, culture, and history, Pag Island’s party hub of
Zrće beach
 has become a festival and clubbing destination to rival any party location in the world!

A strange but intriguing mix indeed. But it sure works!

Pag Croatia: Island History

The Island of Pag in Croatia has had a selection of different rulers over the centuries. The first recorded inhabitants were way back in the Romans times of the 1st century. To this day you can still visit the Roman Aqueduct that was built underneath the town! A must-do when you are in Novalja.

Later on, in history, Island Pag became a part of an early Croatian state but in 1102 it was taken over by Hungarians. Hungarian rule lasted until the start of the 15th century when they were conquered by the Venetian Republic. Venetian rule over Dalmatia lasted for another 400 years and this is evident by the monuments and buildings that still exist on Pag. An island rich in history.

a plate of a traditional pag island fish dish

Pag Island Food

The Island of Pag produces some of the finest cheese, wine, and olive oil. Each of these products has a deep history on the island resulting in the island’s cuisine reflecting that.

The food on Pag is nothing short of stunning. Croatian food is influenced by the Hungarian, Italian, Serbian, Greek, and Turkish cultures which is very much apparent in the delicious food.

The famous Pag Island cheese (Paski Sir) factories are also open to the public. So if cheese takes your fancy pop in and experience a guided tour around Gligora Pag Cheese Factory.

What makes Pag’s food different is that local Konoba’s and island restaurants understand the importance of organic, local foods, and they incorporate as much of this local and traditional product as possible.

Also, if you are a pizza fan...you are in luck! We need say no more.

Pag Island Weather

Novalja weather chart
Pag is one of the sunniest Adriatic islands, with over 2,500 hours of sunshine per year!
Starting in June the average temperature rises to 25 degrees Celsius (86° Fahrenheit).

 On average, the warmest month(s) are July and August and the temperatures regularly hit the 30+ degrees Celsius levels. In nutshell, the weather is beautiful!!! 

Zrće Beach, Island of Pag: Festival Capital of Europe

zrce beach party

When you mention “Island of Pag, Croatia” many people will immediately think of Zrće beach and the famed Pag Island Nightlife. It is known as the party island of Croatia. But Zrće beach and the island is far more than that.

The Pag Island festival and party scene is regarded as one of the best festival and clubbing locations in the World.

The last two decades have seen the festival site of Zrće beach, Novalja explode onto the electronic music circuit with the open-air Pag Island clubs regularly being voted as some of the very best super clubbing venues on the planet.

The incredible day/night open-air venues, and all the other gold-standard facilities connected to Zrće beach, have attracted some of the biggest festival promoters, such as Hideout Festival, Sonus Festival, Austria Goes Zrće and Fresh Island, to Pag Island.

The summer festival programme is second to none and offers a stellar lineup of world-class DJs and party brands.

All the clubs offer world class VIP club tables and bottle service too if you are wanting to make your night that little bit more special.

The superclub venues of Kalypso Zrće, Noa Beach Club Zrće, Nomad Zrće, Papaya Club Zrće, and Aquarius Zrće are all located on Zrće beach, Pag Island, Croatia, and run daily from early June to the end of August/early September.

For details about Zrće club tickets click here.

in excelsis hotel novalja

Pag Island Hotels

The last few seasons have seen a big increase in the number of hotels on Pag Island, Croatia. In years gone by there were only a few hotels to choose from but now there is an abundance of good quality hotels which is great for Pag Island accommodation on the whole!

Many of Pag island’s holiday hotels have also been refurbished in the last couple of years so there is a variety of 3 and 4-star hotels for visitors to pick from. If you are planning on booking flights to Pag Island (the nearest airports are Zadar and Split)  then most of the hotels also offer a Pag Island Airport shuttle service so look into that if you are requiring a transfer service.

The transfer time from Zadar to Pag Island is on average 75-minutes and Split to Pag Island is around two hours. So it is not far and the transfer journey through the county of Zadar and across Pag Island is utterly beautiful, so it really does feels like 15 minutes!

novalja accommodation

Villas on the Island of Pag

If you are looking to add a bit of style and luxury to your Pag Island holiday then staying at a beautiful villa must be on the cards. The number of excellent Pag Island villas has also increased in recent years and you will find them located all over the island.

The areas of Novalja, Lun, and Pag Town have a higher concentration of available villas and most come with stunning views, swimming pools, and all the exciting features that a modern-day villa on Pag, Croatia has to offer.

accommodation in novalja

Apartments on Pag Island

If there is one thing that Pag Croatia has a lot of then that is holiday apartments. Some areas, such as Gajac near Novalja, are literally dedicated to holiday apartment rentals, and out of season, these bustling tourism towns turn into ghost towns with very little activity.

Apartments in Pag, Croatia have historically been the standard type of accommodation available on the island. This was due to the lack of hotel options on0island.

However, accommodation in Novalja and Pag, with the arrival of luxury hotels and developments in recent years, has seen vast numbers of older 2-star apartments being modernized and brought up to the 3,4 and 5-star levels. So a win-win for those looking to book apartments in Pag and Novalja here in Croatia.

camping šimuni pag

Camping Šimuni Pag

Camping on Pag Island

The level of camping on Pag island in Croatia is nothing short of World-class. There are a number of award-winning campsites including Camp Strasko, Novalja, and Camping Village Simuni between Pag Town and Novalja. Visitors flock from all around Europe to experience the atmosphere and incredible facilities these gold standard sites offer.

There are also a number of other smaller, but still exceptional, campsites dotted around the island but remember, be sure to book up well in advance as these types of holidays on Pag Island are extremely popular.

Beach on the island of Pag

Pag Island Beaches

The island of Pag is surrounded by beautiful and crystal clear Adriatic waters. There is no pollution in the region and the waters are simply fabulous to swim and bathe in. The locals swear by the healing powers of the salty waters and up until very recently swimming pools were unheard of in the region.

The locals and visitors very much preferred swimming in the sea to the artificial pool experience, but times change and pools are popular too these days.

However, the entire island is scattered with stunning beaches, coves, hidden bays, and quiet spots for you to enjoy. The best bit of advice we can give you is to hire a car or a moped, explore the island and find your very own hidden gem of a beach here on Pag Croatia.

If you get away from the hustle and bustle of Zrće and the main town locations can really unlock the key to the ultimate Pag Island beach holiday experience here on this unspoiled Croatian coast.

pag bridge

The Famous Pag Bridge: Built in 1968 

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