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For many years now, a small island off the coast of Croatia has been making quite a name for itself. The Island of Pag is home to a unique open-air clubbing sensation located on Zrće beach, Croatia and if you’re a clubber, then a Zrće beach party holiday is most definitely for you.

Zrće beach, Novalja has built up a reputation for being a day and night party location of epic proportions! There are four amazing, world-class superclubs that are open all season long, literally 24 hours a day!

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The similarities to Ibiza are blatantly there, but forget that! They have created their very own clubbing ecosystem with their very own Adriatic vibe.

There are two big differences between that of Ibiza and the dance destination of Zrće beach.

Firstly,  all of the clubs are open-air and, unlike Ibiza, they DO NOT have to turn their music down after midnight so their big and booming sound systems run through to sunrise daily!

Secondly, the cost of entrance and Zrće beach drink prices are far, far less! You will be looking at spending at least 50% LESS on Zrće beach than you would at an Ibiza superclub!

How appealing and ‘refreshing’ is that! Excuse the pun!

Zrće Beach: Overview

The Zrće beach clubs are PapayaAquariusNomadKalypsoEuphoria Zrće and Noa Beach Club, and you have to see them to really understand how fabulous they are!

Think swimming pools, palm trees, hammocks, cabana hut bars, daybeds, and Adriatic design everywhere!

The pool party “after beach” sessions start around 4pm and finish at 8pm. After that, most people go back to their accommodation to shower, eat and smarten up for the nighttime sessions that start at 11pm and go through to dawn!

Simply magical.

Where is Zrće beach in Croatia?

The famous Pag party beach is located 3.5 kilometers from the center of Novalja and around 30 kilometers from Pag Town. The distance from Novalja to Zrće Beach is only 3,5 kilometers. So everything is super close together and condensed.

Zrće Beach Clubs

Club Papaya Zrce Beach from the air

Club Papaya Zrće

Club Papaya on Zrće beach is arguably Croatia’s leading venue. It is the perfect example of a day and night superclub venue. One section of the Zrće club is designed as a crazy pool party space. The larger section is a sophisticated open venue that is now recognized all over the world.

Club Papaya Zrć opened in 2002 and has since been key in developing  Zrće beach as a destination. They have attracted every global superstar DJ imaginable such as Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Sven Vath, and the Swedish House Mafia.

They also play an integral role in the success of many of the Zrće beach festival events which include Hideout Festival, Fresh Island Festival, Sonus Festival, and many more.

Papaya club Zrće beach

Aquarius Zrće : The Next Chapter

Aquarius Zrće is located literally next door to Club Papaya on Zrće beach. Like Papaya, this Zrće club works all day as a chilled beach bar and excellent restaurant. Aquarius is one of the oldest clubs in Croatia and a regular in DJ Mag’s top 20 clubs in the world.

You can enjoy the finest DJ sets and artist line-ups in the world whilst raving away on the dance floor. In addition,  you can simply treat yourself in the stunning VIP club table section whilst overlooking the buzzing open-air dance floor.

Breathtaking on every level.

a daytime view of Nomad Zrce Beach restaurant

Nomad Club & Restaurant

Nomad is a sophisticated restaurant, cabaret, and clubbing concept newly opened in 2019.

This area was originally the after-beach stage for Aquarius but it has now had a fantastic refurbishment, rebrand, and Nomad now plays a new role on the beach.

In the daytime, you can spoil yourself in the VIP Cabana jacuzzis with fine drinks, food, and gold standard service. Whilst at night, experience the exhilarating cabaret show in the main club whilst you dine amongst friends.

Something very fresh and unique for Zrće beach...but it certainly works.

kalypso Zrce Beach in the daytime at Sonus Festival

Kalypso Zrće Club

Thank you, Kalypso Zrće!

If it wasn’t for these guys opening in 1987  Zrće beach, Croatia as we find it today simply would not exist. They were the first to open down on the beach and the rest is now a part of clubbing history.

For many years Kalypso Zrće was built into the woods at the edge of  Zrće beach becoming a home for festivals and ravers from all over the planet.

In 2015, they had a major refurbishment turning the venue into a stunning and sophisticated venue but still, they merged beautifully into the wooded surroundings.

A venue like no other and always a big favorite for party goers and superstar DJs alike.

noa beach club zrce

Noa Beach Club Zrće

New kid on the Zrće block Noa Beach Club has really turned some heads since opening a few years ago.

Noa’s location is simply genius as the club is actually set out over the water on stilts. It is without doubt, one of the funkiest looking venues in the World.

The club offers a two-level open-air experience, there are bars everywhere, pool and foam parties operate every day, and superyachts even berth alongside the dance floor.

Even though Noa Beach Club is the baby of the  Zrće beach club family, their no-holds-barred and big-budget approach to running the venue. 

Noa has fast become one of the leading Zrće beach festival and party attractions. Keep up the good work guys!

zrće beach

Zrće Beach Festivals

The last 10 years or so have seen Zrće beach, Croatia become a leading destination for some of the world’s finest electronic music festivals. 

The immense Zrće Beach nightclubs are home to a variety of electronic music festivals.

The Zrće beach festival site hosts many different types of musical genres and attracts party-goers from over 60 different nations in a regular season.

It really is a varied bunch and we wanted to give you the low down on some of the popular Pag Island festivals for you to enjoy!

In no particular order, we will begin with the student’s favourite getaway, Spring Break Zrce.

spring break europe zrce

Spring Break Zrće

Dates: End of May

The students on the Continent sure know how to celebrate the beginning of their summer holidays in style. For over a decade now, students from all over continental Europe have flocked to Zrće to let loose for the beginning of Spring Break!

These days, absolutely no expense is spared by the Zrće beach Spring Break festival promoters and over the years we have seen the artistic programme attract impressive lineups of EDM and commercial dance superstars! 

Hideout Festival at Noa beach club in the daytime

Hideout Festival

Dates: End of June/Early July

Hideout Festival on Zrće beach is certainly regarded as one of Europe’s leading electronic music festivals and has been based at their spiritual home of Zrće beach since 2011.

Hideout Festival runs for 5 jam-packed days and nights, bringing only the biggest DJs in the House, Bass, and Techno dance scenes to the island of Pag.

10,000 eager ravers annually descend onto Zrće beach, where a handful of the world’s top-rated venues get taken over for a week of open-air, dancing under the stars. Zrće beach bliss!

Hideout is as much a festival as it is a week-long test of human party stamina. You can party from sunrise until sunrise and then until the sun rises again – and many people do.

Fresh Island Festival Croatia in the daytime at Club Papaya

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Fresh Island Festival

Dates: Mid July

If your music tastes are more aligned with Hip Hop and RnB, then Fresh Island Festival will certainly be your cup of tea!

Fresh Island Festival was launched in 2012 and immediately reached an important spot in Europeans’ hearts, being a must-attend event in the summer.

The festival has formed into a leading hip hop/RnB & Afrobeat Zrće Beach festival holiday with pre and after-parties, pool parties, and off the hook boat parties.

All the boxes ticked here, that’s for sure.

Barakud Zrce Festival at nigh time at Club Papaya Zrce

Barakud Festival

Dates - Mid August

Barakud festival is another event that has a long history on the party shores of Zrće beach.

Barakud comes with dark techno and rolling house sounds perfectly primed to explode in the Zrće beach venues!  

Each Zrće club is programmed to bring a different sound to the Barrakud Croatia festival. Be ready to party hard through the day into the early sunrise hours!

daytime at kalypso zrce sonus festival

Dates - Third week in August

Sonus Festival is now over a decade old and a big hitter down on Zrće beach. Expect nothing less than international headliners, local heroes, underground superstars and only the finest newcomers to the Techno scene.

Expect more than 60 artists to create the most incredible daytime vibes, intense techno open-air raves, and those never-ending after-hours all over the Zrće beach festival site.

If you speak to anyone about Sonus Festival on Zrće beach, Croatia, you will soon find out that this is, without doubt, one of the must-do festivals operating in Europe right now.

And mix that with the fact that the guys from the Techno juggernaut Timewarp promote this event and you can see why everyone is ‘raving’ about it!

In a nutshell, if you like your Techno this Zrće beach festival is the one for you!

food court noa beach zrce

Zrcé Club Tickets

Getting Zrće club tickets to any of the Zrće Beach Festivals or party events is actually quite easy.

Here's a quick guide on how to do it:

Determine which festival or event you want to attend: There are several festivals and events that take place on Zrce beach, so first, decide which one you want to attend. You can check the official Zrce Beach website for a list of upcoming events.

Check the official website for ticket sales: Once you know which event you want to attend, check the official website for ticket sales. Most events offer online ticket sales, so you can purchase your ticket from the comfort of your own home.

Purchase your ticket: Follow the instructions on the website to purchase your ticket. You'll usually need to provide your personal information and payment details. Once your payment is processed, you'll receive your ticket via email.

Bring your ticket to the event: Make sure to bring a printed copy of your ticket or have it available on your mobile device. You'll need to present it at the entrance to the event to gain access.

Enjoy the party: Once you're inside, it's time to have some fun! Zrce beach is known for its wild parties and energetic crowds, so be prepared for a night (or several nights) of non-stop fun and excitement.

For all  Zrce Club Ticket information just click here.

It's worth noting that some events may sell out quickly, so it's a good idea to purchase your ticket as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

You may be able to buy your ticket on the door on the night itself BUT these tickets will generally be more expensive than an online purchase. 

Additionally, it's always a good idea to read the event's terms and conditions carefully before making your purchase to ensure you understand the event's policies and procedures. 

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Zrce Beach Hotels

There are no hotels physically based on Zrce beach, Croatia. Hotels and all the other types of Zrće beach accommodation are located a mere couple of kilometers away in the towns of Novalja and Gajac.

There's a lot of choice and you can choose from seven excellent hotels in Novalja.

These range from the beautiful, family-run Hotel Terra, all the way through to the brand new, much larger, In-Excelsis Hotel which really is very impressive indeed.

All the Novalja hotels are near Zrće beach and the journey time is only 5 to 10 minutes. Hotel Lun is a little further out at 20 minutes.

Traveling between your Novalja hotel and Zrće beach is super easy and accessible with an army of Novalja to Zrće taxis always on standby 24 hours a day.

Zrće Beach Apartments

There is a huge number of apartments in Novalja which is very near to Zrće beach.

There are none actually located on the beach itself but there are hundreds of great quality apartments available in Novalja and all the local surrounding areas to Zrće beach.

Remember, many of the pre-party and boat party events are based in Novalja town center so it is important to rent somewhere local to those festival activities.

Most Zrće beach festival party people prefer to rent apartments in Novalja near Zrće beach as they are definitely more convenient for a Zrće festival experience holiday!

novalja apartments

Zrce Beach Villa Rentals

As with apartments and hotels, there are no villas on Zrće beach itself. But there is an abundance of villas near Zrće beach with more and more popping up every season.

The villas in Novalja are superb; Zrce beach is only 10 minutes away from most of them and the facilities offered will guarantee you a luxurious holiday in Novalja.

Most have luxury swimming pools, 4-star minimum facilities and are set in the most wonderful of locations. And the great thing is, they are minutes away from the Festival site of Zrće

We have listed luxury villas in Novalja local to Zrće beach and totally ideal for Zrće beach holidays.

zrće accommodation

Zrće Beach Hostels

We love the hostels in Novalja and the surrounding areas. We have had the greatest of times staying in them and met the best people!

They are run impeccably and they always seem to attract the friendliest of staff and guests.

There is a variety of hostels dotted around Novalja and you’ll be able to stay in a choice of mixed or same-sex dorms or rooms.

It’s not glamorous, but it’s an enjoyable, affordable, and carefree way of staying on Pag to enjoy the festivals.

And to let you into a little secret, there is an awesome hostel called the Big Yellow House Experience that is a little further away in a town called Bosana, near Pag Town.

We highly recommend it. The staff are totally cool, its coastal location is simply breathtaking and you are in for an absolute treat if you go there.

Check it out, it’s a real hidden gem.

spring break season 2023

About Zrće Beach: Summary

The open air clubbing on Zrce beach in Novalja, Croatia is an experience like no other. 

From the most current hot DJs, stand out European festivals, world-class clubs to the stunning scenery and lively atmosphere, it's no wonder that Zrće beach has become known as one of the top party destinations in Europe.

Whether you're into techno, house, EDM, or anything in between, there's a club on Zrce beach that's perfect for you.

With a range of after-beach and evening headliner parties taking place throughout the summer season, you're sure to find something that fits your taste.

So if you're looking for an unforgettable party or festival experience, Zrce beach in Croatia should definitely be at the top of your list.

Get ready to dance the night away under the stars, soak up the sun, and have the time of your life!

For all Festival and party ticket information just click here.

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