Hideout Festival – The Daddy of Zrće Festivals

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Without argument Hideout Festival has been the leading festival on Zrće beach for the last decade. If anything, these UK promoters forged the way and showed other festivals just how things should be done here in Croatia on a big scale.

Since year one, the promoters have simply thrown everything into booking an emphatic line ups and the yearly program is simply a who’s who of House, Techno, Bass, and Drum & Bass global superstars.

Located in the heart of the Adriatic Sea, Zrće Beach is a stunning destination renowned for its crystal-clear waters, beautiful scenery, and vibrant nightlife.

The unique location provides the perfect backdrop for a festival that is all about music, culture and unforgettable experiences.

Hideout Festival: Zrće's Powerhouse Festival

The Hideout Festival is an experience like no other. It offers a chance to dance to the biggest DJ lineups, generally at a much lower price than alternative places like Ibiza,  and to discover emerging artists from all across the electronic music spectrum. 

Beyond the music, the festival offers a range of activities and attractions that cater to all interests, from relaxing on the beach to taking part in exciting water sports.

The festival attracts a crowd mainly from the United Kingdom and Ireland,  all united by their love of electronic dance music and a desire to have fun. 

With a range of ticketing options and accommodation packages, it's never been easier to join the Hideout community and experience the magic of this week long unforgettable festival.

We'll take a closer look at the history and background of the Hideout Festival, explore the types of music and artists featured at the event, and delve into the importance of Zrće Beach as the festival's location.

We'll also offer some tips on how to make the most of your Hideout Festival experience.

marc kinchen at hideout festival Aquarius croatia

History and Background

The Hideout Festival was first launched in 2011 by a group of UK-based event promoters who wanted to bring something fresh to the festival circuit. 

Their aim was to create a festival that combined world-class electronic dance music with a stunning, unique location, and an unparalleled atmosphere.

They chose Zrće Beach in Croatia as the festival's home due to its stunning scenery, clear waters, and exciting nightlife.

Hideout Festival has been consistently one of Europe’s leading electronic music festivals over the last decade.

Hideout festival is scheduled over 5  jam-packed days and they fully involve every key venue available on Zrce beach. 

Since its inception, the Hideout Festival has grown in popularity, attracting over 15,000 music fans from across the globe.

The festival has featured an impressive lineup of electronic dance music stars, including Locodice, Hannah Wants, and Andy C, as well as up-and-coming DJs and producers.

Overview of the types of music and artists featured at the festival:

The festival's stages host some of the most exciting names in the industry, from house and techno to bass, disco, drum and bass and more. 

The festival's five-day lineup features over 100 artists across multiple stages, ensuring that there's something for everyone.

Attendees can expect to hear the latest tracks and remixes, as well as classic anthems that are sure to get the crowd moving.

Importance of Zrće Beach

Zrće Beach's stunning natural beauty, crystal-clear waters, and lively nightlife make it the perfect location for the Hideout Festival. 

The festival takes over several clubs and outdoor stages, including the famous Papaya club, Aquarius Club and Kalypso Club, both of which boast incredible views of the Adriatic Sea. 

With alternative beach stages right and others locations around outside of Zrce, Hideout Festival truly takes advantage of Zrće Beach's and Novalja’s unique surroundings.

Overall, the combination of world-class electronic dance music, stunning scenery, and lively atmosphere makes the Hideout Festival at Zrće Beach an unmissable experience for any music lover.

It is undisputedly one of the biggest and best festivals in Croatia.

Festival experience

The parties roll on all day by the pool and all night on the main stages so expect a suntan, many sleepless nights and a head full of unforgettable memories.

Hideout Festival offers a unique and exciting experience for attendees. The festival is known for its high-energy performances, stunning surroundings, and lively atmosphere. 

With am eclectic range of music genres and performances from both established and emerging artists, there's something for everyone at the Hideout Festival.

overhead view of crowded club at hideout festival zrce beach from a drone

World Class Line Ups

Previous Hideout Festival artists have included Seth Troxler, Nina Kraviz, MK, Patrick Topping, Camelphat, Alan Fitzpatrick, SBTRKT, Ricardo Villalobos, Annie Mac, Skrillex, Four Tet, Andy C, Jamie Jones, DJ EZ, Pendulum, Modeselektor, Disclosure, Rudimental, Solumun, Sasha, Derrick Carter, Gorgon City, Eats Everything, Jamie XX, Hot Since 82 and Hannah Wants. 

Yep, a monumental list of artists for the juggernaut UK festival here on Zrće.

Festival Vibe

Hideout Festival is known for its lively, British and welcoming atmosphere, with attendees all coming together to party hard. 

And it is a party, the energy is far more wild than some of the other festivals you may find in Europe. 

The Hideout audience come to dance...not sunbathe!

As the sun sets, the festival comes alive with the headline events kicking in across all the main stages on the beach. 

The daytime vibe takes on a different, but still as energy driven, vibe. The festival's beach parties and pool party stages are a big highlight for many attendees, with DJs playing music  against the stunning backdrop of the Adriatic Sea and the Velebit mountains

Hideout Festival's combination of stunning scenery, high-energy performances, multiple arenas and a lively atmosphere make it an unforgettable experience for any music lover with many people returning year on year. 

Activities and Attractions

Hideout Festival offers much more than just music, with a range of activities and attractions available to attendees throughout the festival.

Attendees can also take part in a range of water sports, including jet-skiing, parasailing, paddle-boarding or if you are brave enough, even a bungee jump.

There are also opportunities to explore the surrounding area, with excursions available to nearby islands and other tourist destinations.

For those looking for a more relaxed experience, the festival also offers yoga and wellness activities, as well as spa treatments and massages.

Food and drink

Hideout Festival offers a range of food and drink options to keep attendees fuelled throughout the festival. 

Food stalls and vendors on the beach itself offer a variety of options, from traditional Croatian dishes to international cuisine. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available.

The festival also offers a range of bars and drink vendors, including specialty cocktail bars and VIP areas with table service.

Attendees can enjoy a range of drinks, from ice-cold beers to refreshing cocktails, while dancing the night away.

Surrounding area 

Zrće Beach is located 5 kilometres from the town of Novalja, which is known for its stunning scenery and unique culture. The island is home to several historic towns and landmarks, including the famous Pag lace, a centuries-old tradition of handmade lace production.

Novalja offers a range of tourist attractions, including bars, restaurants, wonderful beaches, and shopping.

The town's rich history is on display in the form of ancient ruins, including a Roman aqueduct and a variety of world famous cheese factories.

stage view at hideout festival croatia

Tips for Attending

Attending the Hideout Festival is an unforgettable experience, but it's important to plan ahead to ensure that you make the most of your time at the festival. 

Here are some tips to help you prepare:

What to Wear

It's important to pack appropriately for the festival, taking into account the warm weather and beach setting.

Comfortable, lightweight clothing and shoes are a must, as well as plenty of sunscreen and a hat to protect against the sun. It's also a good idea to bring a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the festival.

Tickets and Accommodations

Tickets for the Hideout Festival typically go on sale in the months leading up to the event, and early-bird tickets are often available at a discounted rate. 

It's important to purchase tickets from an authorized seller to avoid scams or counterfeit tickets.

Accommodations options include hostels, hotels, and apartments. Many attendees choose to stay in the nearby town of Novalja or Gajac, which offers a range of accommodation options. It's important to book accommodations early to avoid missing out, as the festival attracts thousands of visitors each year.


During the festival, attendees can take advantage of the festival's shuttle buses, which run between the festival venues and nearby towns. Taxis in Novalja and car rentals are also available, but it's important to book in advance to avoid disappointment.


Planning ahead and being prepared is key to enjoying the Hideout Festival to the fullest. By packing appropriately, booking accommodations early, and considering transportation options, attendees can make the most of their festival experience and create unforgettable memories.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated at Hideout Festival is extremely important to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable time. Here are some tips to help you stay hydrated throughout the festival:

Drink plenty of water:
 Make sure to drink water regularly throughout the day, especially if you are dancing or spending time in the sun. Carry a refillable water bottle with you at all times and make use of the water stations available throughout the festival.

Avoid overdoing the alcohol: Drinking alcohol can dehydrate you, so it's important to be careful with your alcohol consumption and alternate alcoholic drinks with water or other non-alcoholic beverages.

Eat water-rich foods:
Eating fruits and vegetables with high water content, such as watermelon, cucumber, and strawberries, can help keep you hydrated.

Take breaks: Take breaks from the sun and dancing to rest in the shade and drink water.

Wear light-colored and loose clothing: Wearing light-colored and loose clothing can help you stay cool and reduce the risk of dehydration.

Remember, staying hydrated is crucial for your health and safety while attending Hideout Festival. So make sure to drink plenty of water and take care of yourself throughout the event.

Hideout Festival: Summary

Hideout Festival at Zrće Beach is once in a lifetime experience that combines world-class electronic dance music with stunning scenery, exciting activities, and a lively atmosphere. 

Hideout Festival offers a diverse range of electronic dance music genres, with performances from both established and emerging artists.

The festival's multiple stages, beach parties, and boat parties offer a variety of musical experiences, while the range of activities and attractions provide something for everyone. 

The festival's welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, set against the stunning backdrop of Zrće Beach, make it an unmissable event for any music lover.

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