About Pag Town

Pag Town is located in the center of the island and is also a very popular holiday destination. The town is surrounded by stunning beaches, incredible landscapes, and the town itself is filled with history and culture. 

The town of Pag is actually the biggest town on the island but gives way to the much quieter and relaxed Pag Islands than that of its neighboring town, Novalja

Pag is also famous for its local cheese and lace-making. If you visit Pag, you must check both of these out. There are museums and tours for both Pag cheese and lace. You are certainly in for a treat.

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A number of shops also sell Pag lace products or you can easily find and buy this unique Pag Town Lace from one of the street-side sellers. It really is the perfect Pag Island souvenir. 

The cheese is everywhere! And my word is it lovely! 

There is a fair bit of history in with some buildings and houses in Pag Old Town dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries. This includes St Mary’s church, which represents a mix of Roman and Renaissance architecture. 

As you drive into Pag (town) from Zadar you will see the historic, and still active, saltworks which have been an important asset to Pag Town’s economy for an age.

Pag Hotels

You will find a handful of excellent hotels in and around Pag Town. They do vary in size and style but there is something for most tastes.

If you are looking to enjoy the more boutique-type Pag hotel experience, then somewhere like the Boutique hotel Intermezzo could be perfect for you. Whereas, if you want a spa on-site the long-established Hotel Pagus could be just for you.

All the hotels in Pag Town are located on the waterfront (or very near to) so you can easily walk to the local beaches, shops, and restaurants.

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Pag Apartments

Pag has a large selection of apartments available. You will be able to all types of Pag Town accommodation to fit your budget.

There is an abundance of apartments in Pag Town with pools, studio apartments, cheap budget apartments, luxury apartments, and newly built complexes to pick from.

The vast majority of Pag Town apartments have owners or management based on site so, rest assured, you will always be thoroughly well looked after.

We have listed some of the best and most popular Pag Town apartments to stay here.

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Villas in Pag Town

Yes, there are also a number of fantastic villas in Pag Town?

Most Pag Town Villas are located close to the local amenities, come with outstanding views, first-class facilities, relaxing swimming pools but are still conveniently local to the town, Zadar, and the party town of Novalja.

We have listed a selection of our recommended villas. Learn more here.

Pag Town Hostels

Whilst the neighbouring town of Novalja boasts many hostels Pag Town does not have a big selection of hostel accommodation.

However, fear not, there is a hostel location that is incredible and a fantastic vacation option.

The Big Yellow House Experience.

The Big Yellow House was originally based in Novalja but they have since outgrown their original site and moved to Bosana village which is just on the outskirts of Pag.

They offer 1 & 2 bedroom apartments, private double rooms, shared dormitories and even places for tents. All of these accommodation options are based in the most awe-inspiring seafront location.

There are onsite bars, terraces, a well-equipped kitchen, a magical forest to explore, and it is very own beach.

This really is a very special Adriatic hostel location and it is also run by some excellent people. Experience the Big Yellow House here. 

Nearest Airport to Pag Town

If you are wanting to book a flight to Pag in Croatia then the closest airports to Pag Town are Zadar and Split.

Transfers from Split Airport to Pag Town take around 2 hours whereas transfers from Zadar airport to Pag Town are shorter at only 1 hour.

There are many reliable airport transfer services based in Pag town. Airport transfer companies that we recommend can be found listed here.

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Pag Bus Station

Pag (Town) has a well-used bus and coach stop down at the harbour. Buses and coaches run regularly into Pag Town are a hugely popular mode of transport for visitors traveling around the county of Zadar.

Whether you are arriving from Zadar, returning from Pag Town to Split airport, coming from the capital city of  Zagreb to Pag Town, or making a longer coastal trip from Pula to Pag Town this bus station has you covered.

You will also find the Pag Town taxi service on hand at the bus station to take you to your apartment or hotel.

There are regular bus lines and companies traveling in from all over Croatia and to make things super easy for you guys we have listed the latest timetables and information here for you.

Beaches near Pag 

The Bay of Pag has over 20 kilometers of stone, gravel, and sandy beaches. It is certainly a lot to choose from.

There are some very popular Pag beaches right in the center of Pag but if you adventure a little further afield you will soon find a variety of coves and beaches hidden away from the tourist hot spots.

Pag Town has certainly been blessed with a lot of beaches and hidden treasures for you to find. Such as this selection of beaches which are local to Gag town. 

Restaurants in Pag Town

Croatian food is great! We love it and it is always a highlight to anybody’s visit to Croatia.
The Pag Town food and restaurants are no different and offer menus that lovingly incorporate local produce, such as cheese, olives, and wines.

Here is a range of à la carte, bistro, pizzeria, fast food, and some seafood restaurants in Pag Town that you will enjoy. Dobra tek!

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