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Novalja Local - Your one stop for information, best advice and local news

As Novalja locals, we know exactly what's going on in Novalja all year round.

Our regular blog cover everything that's happening in Novalja and around the island of Pag now and coming up soon. We also have regular round ups of the best food, bars, hotels and local events that you won't want to miss when you're in Novalja.

Our blog also covers popular topics and destinations that you may also want to experience during your stay in Croatia.

Zavratnica Nature Park and Rab Island
February 26, 2024

A Day Trip To Zavratnica and Rab Island: A Magical Croatian Escape

Partied super hard? That’s where a day trip to Zavratnica Nature Park and Rab Island comes in. It’s the perfect cure for the Novaljan hangover.

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pag island bay cruise
February 23, 2024

Pag Bay Cruise: A Croatian Cruise Adventure

Uncover Pag Island’s hidden gems! Swim in crystal-clear bays, explore, and savor authentic Croatian cuisine on this unforgetable Pag Bay Cruise.

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February 23, 2024

Life On Mars Trail: Pag Hike Tour

If you enjoy hiking, exercise and mind blowing scenery then the Life on Mars Trail Pag hike is an essential must do when you are on island. But make sure you go prepared!

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VIP concierge Croatia
February 19, 2024

VIP Concierge Croatia: Why Use A VIP Service Company?

Get ready for an unforgettable experience filled with relaxation, luxury, and surprises. Put your trust in a VIP concierge in Croatia!

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Day trip Silba
February 17, 2024

Silba and Olib Day Trips from Novalja: A Complete Guide

Craving a break from Novalja’s bustle? Explore the enchanting islands of Silba and Olib on a day trip. Here’s a helpful guide to the islands.

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Best Hotels in Zagreb
November 2, 2023

Best Hotels in Zagreb: These Are The Top Places To Stay

Are you looking for the best hotels in Zagreb? No problem! In this article, we look at some of the best places to stay in the city of Zagreb.

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Bed and Breakfast Novalis novalja
October 21, 2023

B&B Novalis: Best Bed and Breakfast in Novalja

From trendy rooms to the rooftop breakfast and faultless staff, everything was impeccable. Welcome to arguably the best bed-and-breakfast in town!

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5 star hotels zagreb
October 21, 2023

5-Star Hotels Zagreb: The Best Luxury Hotels in The Capital

From famous long-established hotels to new rising stars! We explore the best 5-star hotels in Zagreb that are all based in the heart of the city!

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best budget hotel zrce
September 18, 2023

Basilica Hotel: Best Budget Hotel in Novalja

Want to stay at the best budget hotel in Novalja? After staying at the Basilica we can recommend this as one of the best value hotels in Novalja.

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sonus festival Sven vath
September 15, 2023

Sonus Festival: Comprehensive 2023 Review & Festival Guide!

The Timewarp team has developed their Sonus festival offering turning it into one of the leading Techno festivals on the European festival calendar.

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Vintax luxury car hire croatia
September 6, 2023

Luxury Exotic Car Rental Zadar & Novalja: Hire in Croatia

Are you ready to turn some heads? Let’s pop the hood on luxury exotic sports car rental in Zadar! This is how to hire Supercars here in Croatia!

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September 5, 2023

5 Star Hotels In Zadar (Best Five Star Luxury Accommodation)

Indulge in unparalleled luxury with our list of the best 5-star hotels in Zadar. Experience absolute VIP opulence in Croatia’s coastal paradise.

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zadar day trips
September 4, 2023

11 Best Day Trips From Zadar: Mesmerizing Day Trip Destinations

Uncover the top day trips from Zadar and immerse yourself in Croatia’s natural wonders, and cultural and coastal gems. There are some real treats!

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September 3, 2023

Kornati National Park Croatia: Your ESSENTIAL NP Kornati Guide

We have created this guide to Kornati National Park to help you navigate and explore this fantastic natural wonder with ease, leisure, and safety.

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how to get from zadar to krka park
September 3, 2023

How To Get From Zadar To Krka National Park

We’re about to break down how to get from Zadar to Krka National Park, step by step. Ready? It’s very simple if you follow the following top tips.

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superyacht zadar charter
September 2, 2023

Superyacht Charter Zadar: Your ULTIMATE Rental Hire Guide!

Let us cruise into the world of superyacht charter Zadar services and see why so many travellers dream about sailing on these ultra-luxury yachts.

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Joel Hotel Restaurant
August 28, 2023

Joel Hotel Restaurant: Best Gourmet Restaurant Novalja

The Joel Hotel is a luxury hotel in Novalja. We were very lucky to be invited down to the Joel Hotel Restaurant Novalja to try their gourmet menu.

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luxury villa novalja plant villas
August 24, 2023

Plant Villas: Our Stay At The Best Luxury Villa Resort in Novalja

We stayed at one of the finest luxury villa resorts in Croatia. This is our experience of Plant Villas Novalja on Pag Island. One word: INCREDIBLE!

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novalja to zadar airport airport transfers
August 20, 2023

Zadar Airport Transfers: Your Zadar and Novalja Transfer Guide

In this Zadar Airport Transfers guide, we will tell you how to go about finding and using the best airport transfer service for you and your group.

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Luxury Yacht Charter Croatia
August 10, 2023

Luxury Yacht Charter Zadar (And The Surrounding Islands)

Luxury Yacht Charter Zadar: The Zadar Region, Pag, and its surrounding Islands are a mecca for luxury yacht charters! Let’s find out exactly why.

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zrće club tickets
August 9, 2023

Zrće Club Tickets: Papaya, Aquarius, Kalypso, Noa Beach Club

Zrće Club Tickets: Papaya, Aquarius, Kalypso, Nomad, Noa Beach Club tickets. How and where to buy your party and festival tickets for Zrće beach.

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VIP table Area Aquarius Zrce
August 7, 2023

VIP Club Tables Zrće Beach: Using and Booking a VIP Area

VIP club tables Zrcé style! They’re a clubbing passport to a world of comfort, personalised service, and exclusivity on Zrće beach. Want to book?

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Luxury travel croatia
August 3, 2023

Luxury Transfer Croatia: VIP Travel and Transfers Novalja and Zadar

With a VIP luxury transfer service in Croatia, you travel in high-end vehicles that make you feel like a VIP every mile of your vacation journey.

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Renting a Luxury Motor Boat croatia
August 3, 2023

Renting a Luxury Motor Boat in Croatia (Novalja & Zadar Charter)

Renting a Luxury motorboat in Croatia is an essential ingredient to unlocking a stunning world of freedom and Adriatic island marine fun & luxury.

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helicopter tour taxi novalja
July 27, 2023

Helicopter Taxi Travel Croatia: Our Novalja Tour REVIEW!

Helicopter taxi travel in Croatia is one of the most exciting transport services. In 2023 a brand new helicopter taxi service opened in Novalja.

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austria goes zrce 2023
July 24, 2023

Austria Goes Zrće: Our 2023 Zrce Festival Review

Austria Goes Zrće is a Zrce beach-based electronic festival that’s super busy every year. We spent a party week on Zrće beach finding out why!

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gas stations in croatia
July 14, 2023

Using Gas Stations in Croatia (Services and Rest Stops)

Using gas stations in Croatia is pretty much the same as most places in Europe. Here we tell you what is what about filling up on the roads here.

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Hideout festival 2023
July 12, 2023

Hideout Festival: The ULTIMATE Guide! (+ 2023 Review)

Hideout Festival has certainly been one of the leading festivals on Zrće beach for the last decade. Hideout is in every way a Zrće powerhouse event!

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Best Croatian islands to visit
July 10, 2023

The Best Croatian Islands To Visit (There Are 1244 Of Them!)

Each island has its own local festivals, music, and dances. And let’s not forget the awesome food. So which are the best Croatian islands to visit?

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Uber in croatia
July 10, 2023

Uber In Croatia (and Some Tips on How to Use The Uber App)

Does Uber in Croatia operate? Well, it does but only in certain locations. Find out more about it Uber here is Croatia in the “Uber-cool” article!

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is croatia part of the schengen
July 5, 2023

Is Croatia Part of The Schengen Zone? (& What Does That Mean?)

Is Croatia Part of The Schengen Zone? Yes! Croatia joined the Schengen Zone on January 1st, 2023, But what does that actually mean for Croatia?

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weather in croatia
July 4, 2023

Weather In Croatia (Understanding The Seasons)

Understanding the weather in Croatia is important to help us pack the right clothes, plan activities, and make the most of your Croatian vacation.

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what to pack for croatia
July 4, 2023

What To Pack For Croatia (Getting Your Preparation Just Right!)

A great trip starts with getting your packing right. Don’t worry, that’s why we have created this super helpful “What to pack for Croatia” guide.

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rent an electric scooter in croatia
July 3, 2023

Rent An Electric Scooter In Croatia (Get Around Novalja Easily!)

Want to get around quickly, hassle-free, & cheaply? Nowadays that is a no-brainer, all you have to do is rent an electric scooter in Croatia!

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Three bedroom apartment in novalja
July 3, 2023

Three Bedroom Apartments in Novalja: Perfect For Groups

If you are travelling to the island as a group or family it is probably best you consider some of these top three-bedroom apartments in Novalja.

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Euro in Croatia
June 27, 2023

The Euro in Croatia (Goodbye Kunas! Hello Euros!)

As of January 2023, the Croatian currency changed to the Euro in Croatia. The Croatian Kuna is no more, so what does that actually mean to Croatia?

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Velebit mountains
June 26, 2023

The Velebit Mountains: Croatia’s Natural Wonder

The Velebit mountains tower over the island of Pag and stretch 145 kilometers down the long coastline of the mainland hugging the Adriatic Sea.

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olive gardens of lun
June 22, 2023

Exploring the Olive Gardens of Lun in Novalja

Pag Island is famous for its cheese and lace, but here we will focus on something even more ancient and beautiful – the Olive Gardens of Lun.

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Pag Cheese
June 22, 2023

Pag Cheese: (Paški Sir) A Cheese Lover’s Dream

What makes Pag cheese so special? What makes Pag cheese such a world-recognized cheese? We take a cheesy look at one of Pag’s premier products!

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pag lace
June 21, 2023

Pag Lace: Threads That Bind History and Beauty

Pag Lace is like a love letter from the past. It tells stories, keeps traditions alive, and wraps up the spirit of the island in delicate threads.

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cycling on pag
June 21, 2023

Cycling on Pag Island And Popular Island Bike Trails

There is so much to cycling on Pag! Explore stunning coastal bike trails and battle hill climbs, and immerse yourself in the rich island history!

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Apartments novalja two bedroom
June 20, 2023

The Beach Lover’s Guide to Two-Bedroom Apartments in Novalja

Two-bedroom apartments in Novalja offer a whole range of advantages that make them a much-preferred choice for travellers, groups, and families.

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trails on pag island
June 19, 2023

Hiking Trails in Novalja: Find The Perfect Adriatic Trail

Looking for a fun and relaxed way to explore the stunning landscapes of Croatia? Look no further, let’s go hiking in Novalja! It’s adventure time!

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novalja villa with pool
June 17, 2023

Best Novalja Villa with Pool: Your Complete Island Rental Guide

Why settle for a regular hotel room when you can have your very own Novalja villa with pool? It’s the epitome of luxury and comfort. Let’s DIVE in!

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sonus festival 2023 more djs novalja croatia
June 15, 2023

Sonus Festival 2023 Line Up Adds 10 New Names

Sonus Festival announces 10 more new names to celebrate their 10th edition down on the crazy beach of Zće, Island of Pag! Are you partying with us?

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City museum novalja
June 5, 2023

City Museum Novalja – Roman Aqueduct Novalja

Love history? The City Museum of Novalja & the Roman Aqueduct Novalja are two historical sites located right in the heart of Novalja city center.

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zrce boat party
June 3, 2023

Zrće Boat Party (We Explain The Different Types!)

Zrće Boat Party trips are EXTREMELY popular in Novalja. But why? We went aboard to find out all about them and all the different types available!

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May 30, 2023

5 Fantastic Coffee Places in Novalja

Coffee and Novalja go very much hand in hand. Not surprisingly, there are lots of options. Let’s explore some excellent Novalja coffee places…

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novalja apartments pool
May 29, 2023

Best Novalja Apartments With Pool (Add a Bit of Luxury!)

Novalja apartments with a pool definitely stand out as the perfect choice for those seeking a luxurious and much more refreshing holiday retreat.

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family apartment novalja
May 29, 2023

Best Family Apartments in Novalja (5 Kid Friendly Picks)

Picking the right family accommodation can MAKE or BREAK a family holiday! We look at some of our favourite and best family apartments in Novalja.

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