Plant Villas: Our Stay At The Best Luxury Villa Resort in Novalja

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Every day myself and my family look around our hometown of Novalja and feel an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. We are so fortunate to live on such a diverse, friendly, safe, and, above all else, breathtakingly beautiful island.

And you know what, I think the owners and management of the Plant Villas in Novalja must be thinking the same thing. They had a plan and created the best luxury villa in Novalja. In fact, there are SIX Novalja Villas in a private, gated, and staffed resort.

Over the last few years they have lovingly planned, developed and created Plant Villas. The resort location is located just a few minutes from central Novalja just a couple of kilometers along the bendy and picturesque road towards Lun. 

We have seen “something” being built and worked on for several years now and we have always been a little curious as to what it would ultimately be. Funnily enough, one of our best friends is a well-known sheep farmer and cheese maker in Novalja, and the land next door to Plant Villas is where some of their flock of sheep live and graze on. So our curiosity definitely peaked a little.

plant villas lun novalja

Now the thing is here is that the team behind Plant Villas hasn’t done the normal build here. 

By that, I mean they haven’t just acquired the land, designed the blueprints, broken ground, and built the resort in 6 months or so - like we generally see with many new Novalja accommodation projects. 

Of course, there is nothing wrong with that but Plant Villas has invested vast amounts of time, money, energy, and thought into creating the perfect luxury villa resort destination! 

And that’s exactly what they have created. There are 6 villas with every luxury feature and comfort finishing you can possibly imagine. 

Think about attention to detail…and then triple it! 

They have taken several years to complete this huge construction project and the finish is impeccable and to be honest, it is quite breathtaking.

To do Plant Villas in Novalja justice I am going to take you through all the features each Villa has and then I will follow up with our full experience review. 

We were lucky enough to be invited to stay at Plant Villas Novalja by their amazing team so we really got to understand the feel and the energy of staying at such a well-thought-out and luxurious location. 

And it didn’t disappoint, not for one second! 

Before we dig in, all the information below is supported by our detailed video at the top of this article. We have even broken the video down into chapters so you easily navigate through the different parts of the villa experience.

You know they say, a video speaks a million words! Or something like that! 

Six Novalja Villas: Luxury Villa Resort

plant villas pag island

First up, there are six stunning 5-star luxury villas set in 6.5 hectares of land.

All six villas, besides their individual plots, are all exactly the same. 

Copy and Paste. But 5-star luxury style! 

But let’s get this clear from the very beginning, these are not just regular villas; they're like the mega house you doodle in the margins of your notebook during class. The kind of villas you dream at night about staying at.

Think of a family of state-of-the-art luxury villas with unrivaled views of the Velebit mountains and Adriatic sunsets, all inside a safe community with its very own private gates.

Yes, it does feel that the Plant Villa resort is standing in the middle of nowhere but they're in a super safe compact luxury community with their very own gates, fencing, modern security, and on-site staff are always present.

In essence, It's like living in a mini VIP town where everyone knows everyone. 

And one of the best parts? 

You get to enjoy some of the most breathtaking views! Imagine watching the sun come up over the Velebit mountains whilst having breakfast and then watching the sun dip into the sea at sunset. 

On both occasions, the Novalja sky is painted with every shade of orange, red, pink, and yellow you can possibly imagine. It really is jaw-droppingly beautiful.

If you're thinking this is just like any other Novalja Villa vacation spot, think again. 

Press reset! 

Plant Villas Novalja are unique, stylish, and, in my humble opinion,  have set a new standard for luxury on the magical Island of Pag.

Novalja Villa: Plant Villas Location

luxury villa novalja plant villas

Picture this: a massive playground, but instead of swings and slides, it’s filled with beautiful plants, wildlife, and huge open spaces. 

That pretty much sums up the huge expanse of land that Plant Villas Novalja sits on! 

If my maths is right, which it often isn’t, 6.5 hectares is about the size of around 15 football fields put together. Even if my maths is not super accurate, I can accurately say the site is MASSIVE!

And it's not just empty, barren land. 

Oh no, this beautiful space is alive with nature with the most prominent and thriving plant on the site being the Immortale plant.

This creates a fragrant field of golden yellow flowers completely surrounding the Plant Villa estate. 

The Immortale plant oil can actually be turned into a 100% natural skincare product that will leave your skin looking radiant and youthful. So this is another active eco-project the team at Plant Villas is actively involved with.

When it comes to nature, you might spot a cute rabbit running by or even discover a lost sheep from next door wandering around. They really are rather good at escaping - woolly Houdinis!  

However, if you see one on the loose just let reception know and they will escort Mrs Sheepy back to her flock.

In short, it’s like having a giant wildlife backyard to explore every day!

So, if you're the kind who loves wide open space, nature, to breathe in fresh sea air, and feel like you're in a world of your own then, the land around the Plant Villas is your perfect destination.

Outstanding Architecture

plant villa lounge

You will see the villas and straight away go, "Whoa, that's immense!" That’s the exact feeling you get with Plant Villas Novalja. They have been designed to perfection.

It is actually quite deceiving, From the outside you will initially think that the villas are only on one amazing floor. 

This, my friends, is not the case at all. 

The architectural design also features an entire floor deep underground which doubles both the size of the villa and the luxury features available to its guests. 

I can’t begin to explain how cool the downstairs of the villa is. It features a pool room, a well stocked premium bar, a Playstation 5 games area, a fantastic sauna, luxury bathroom, and it is  finished off with a huge dark, cool bedroom - complete with a monster 75” television. 

And I had the privilege to sleep in that room! But more about that later.

The villa design is ultra modern but also very cosy and all the furnishings are super comfortable. So if it’s getting a bit hot outside or you simply fancy a chilled night in the villa transforms into your very own home from home. 

Netflix and chill. The Plant Villa way! 

What also stands out is that every nook and corner within the Villa seems to tell a story. Big windows and sliding doors to let in the sunshine, automated blinds to black the rooms out, cool twists and turns inside, and smart designs that make living there an absolute breeze.

These aren't just villas; they're like artworks that you can actually live in.

So, if you're into clever modern design and smart features everywhere you're gonna love experiencing the creative genius behind the Plant Villas in Novalja.

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

luxury villa novalja plant villas

Feeling sleepy? Are you a nap fan? (I am - a big one!) 

Let’s take a look at the bedrooms at Plant Villas! Imagine the coziest, but most spacious, bedroom you can think of.

Fluffy pillows, super soft white sheets, massive flatscreen TVs, and roomy enough to chill out with the entire family. 

And if you're a parent you will know all too well that, no matter what, the kids always end up in your bedroom! 

They follow us, just like our friends the sheep, and ultimately the whole family ends up congregating in one bedroom!  

Well, fear not if you have a family! The bedrooms are perfect for this!  And the exciting bit is Plant Villas has not one, not two bedrooms, not three bedrooms, but FOUR of these awesome bedrooms! 

Three bedrooms upstairs which include: The main bedroom leading out onto the terrace and pool area, the second double bedroom, and the smallest of the bedrooms, bedroom 3.

Which, by the way, is perfect for Grandma or a grumpy teenager! 

Downstairs, as mentioned above, you will find the huge dark bedroom, bedroom 4, which is a completely different environment from the other three sleeping rooms. 

They can comfortably fit up to 7 people. 

Plus, they all have HUGE TVs with Netflix and HBO running throughout the whole villa resort complex.

luxury villa novalja plant villas

Now, let's talk about bathrooms. Ever been to a spa?

These bathrooms really do feel like like that. There are three of them, and each is modern, bright, spacious, and dressed with all types of Plant Villa-branded toiletries and towels. 

Whether you're winding down for the night or gearing up for a day of fun at the beach, these luxurious bedrooms and bathrooms have definitely got you covered. It's the perfect combination of style and comfort!

The Heart of the Home: Kitchen

plant villas novalja kitchen

Okay, food time! I think we can all agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home.

Well, at the Plant Villas, it's like the super heart. Imagine a kitchen where you could whip up the quickest of breakfast for the kids or even try your hand at being the next Gordon Ramsey.

The Plant Villa’s kitchen spaces have an abundance of cool gadgets and cooking tools. It's like having your very own cooking show setup. And the appliances? All top-notch! 

So, if you've ever wanted to make a smoothie, bake some cookies, make some coffee (well, you are in Croatia!), or just toast your sandwich to perfection, you're all set to go.

Of course, there is your trusty dishwasher to polish off the dishes once everyone has eaten. 

And a handy tip: Don’t forget there is an ice-making machine downstairs in the games and bar room so you will never be left short when it comes to ice - especially in peak summer! 

However, it is very likely that you may not even use the indoor kitchen as there is a very well-equipped little outdoor kitchenette and BBQ spot outside on the terrace.

There is a huge outside table that sits eight and it is simply divine to be eating open air whilst enjoying the villa’s sensational surroundings. 

Steak and salad under the stars (or sun), anyone?

So, whether you're a foodie expert or a family with a bunch of grazing and growing toddlers, the kitchen facilities at Plant Villas are spot-on and ready to make all your delicious food dreams come true!

Entertainment and Leisure

luxury villa novalja plant villas

Are you a gamer? A pool shark? Well, this will be for you! 

Can you imagine holidaying in a villa that has dedicated rooms and areas filled with entertainment things to do?  Well, the Plant Villas totally got the memo on this one.

There's this beautifully elegant games room, complete with a professional standard pool table,  where you can challenge your friends or family to a pool table match. The winner gets bragging rights!

And, in this same room, there is something for us for movie and series lovers! You guessed it, A huge 75-inch TV where you can binge-watch your favorite shows. Netflix and HBO? 

Yep, they're both there, and let’s not forget the super comfy long couch to stretch out on. 

Top tip: Don’t forget the popcorn.

The pool room is also where the bar is located. The bar is stocked with everything from high-end spirits and champagne to beer and soft drinks. There is also a vast selection of wines available that have come directly from their local award-winning wine partner Boškinac

And don’t worry about having to dash upstairs to the kitchen, there is also a huge range of glasses on hand, a sink, and, of course, that super frosty ice machine maker! 

luxury villa novalja plant villas

Now for you gamers! Get ready to level up! At the end of the downstairs corridor, there's a PlayStation5 waiting for you.

Whether you're into racing, Fifa, adventures, or battling space aliens, this PS5 is your ticket to Game Land.

It really does feel that there are huge 75” flatscreen TVs everywhere around the villas and yes, you guessed it again, the games area has one too - just for you to focus on racing, adventures, or battling space aliens. 

Not only is there the high-tech stuff the comfort side of this area has been so well thought out!

There are two brilliantly white stretch-out individual couches to sink back into. I guess you can call them extended chaise-longues.

They also come dressed with bean bags and huge cushions so this space is the definition of comfort – there’s no better way to put your feet up at the end of the day for some well-earned me-time. 

And the kids, well they will LOVE THIS! 

This PS5 area really is your Plant Villa magic ticket to Game Land. A super cool touch.

Wellness and Recreation

Do you fancy a game of tennis or maybe even some volleyball? 

At Plant Villas, they even have high-quality and well-equipped courts just for you. So, gather your team or opponent, grab your gear, and let the competition begin!

After all that physical activity you might now just want to unwind.  And oh boy, does Plant Villas have the perfect solution for that. 

Just imagine: A private sauna where you can just sit back, close your eyes, and let all your worries melt away.

And once you are finished there you can just nip upstairs and dive straight into the multi-levelled infinity pool. I love these pool designs, it's like you're swimming right off into the horizon. 

And last but not least (and my personal favourite thing), don't forget the 4-person jacuzzi that is sat a couple of meters away from the pool; it's like a bubbly hug for your muscles, and it has loads of super fun jet and temperature settings, different lighting modes.

I guarantee you will be making the most of this fabulous bit of kit throughout your stay. I know we did! 

So, whether you're looking for a hit of fitness, a sauna sweat or just to chill out, Plant Villas has got all the fun and relaxation features, equipment, and relaxation vibes you're craving. Let your hair down and enjoy!

Contemporary Amenities

plant villas novalja winter wood burner

Next up. The important but sometimes forgotten details. Let's chat about those little luxury extras that make life absolutely 5-star at the Plant Villas!

First off, the weather in Novalja gets hot, sometimes very hot, so hot in fact that it is pretty silly to be outside during peak heat hours. You don’t see the locals out in the peak heat and there is good reason why. You really can catch sunburn in minutes if you are not careful.

So it’s going to be a case of chilling, excuse the dreadful pun, inside the villa.

The villas are as cool as a cucumber thanks to the awesome smart air conditioning that is installed in every room throughout the villa. 

You can literally chill out and stay frosty no matter how baking hot it gets outside.

Want to post your adventure on the ‘gram? (That's Instagram for us oldies!) 

Well for all you social media lovers, brace yourselves. The Wi-Fi here? It is super-duper fast.

So whether you're video chatting with pals, streaming Spotify, or just browsing cool stuff to do in Novalja, you're good to go.

And yes, we get it. Even if you are on holiday sometimes the office or work stuff may crop up. Fear not, even though Plant Villas is on an island the internet spreed and Wi-Fi are actually very solid and stable indeed.

I can, hand on heart, say that the internet here on Pag is much better than a lot of holiday islands, such as Ibiza where it is frustratingly intermittent at times - especially in peak season when there are a lot of visitors and users on the island.  

Most of you will be driving to Plant Villas and there are absolutely no worries about parking. There's a big space at every villa where you can park your ride for free. 

Plus,  your vehicles are securely monitored by CCTV. Even though Plant Villas is a gated resort.

Plant Villas Resort: Reception Area

Plant Villas Novalja also has a separate reception building which is located in the middle of all the villas, opposite the tennis and volleyball courts.

It is like the Plant Villas control center and if you ever need help, have any questions, or need a nosy friendly sheep escorting off of your terrace, there's always someone at the reception ready to assist. 

It's like having a friendly neighbour who's always there for you. 

Located at the reception are the scooters and the top of the range electric bicycles

So if you want to explore the local area, nip into Novalja, or simply get around the villa complex a little bit easier just enquire about using them at reception. 

In a nutshell, Plant Villas makes sure you've got access to all the modern-day luxury features to make your stay super smooth.

On-site Transport 

I kind of touched on this above! Plant Villas isn’t just about chillin' at home. Nope, it's also about zipping around and having a blast exploring Novalja and the local area.

Have you ever ridden a scooter? It is a really popular way of getting around Novalja, but please be careful, even though the roads are extremely beautiful they can be quite tricky and dangerous.

So take your time, whizz around, and feel the wind in your hair as you check out all the local Novalja and Lun spots 

More of a pedal-pusher? No worries! There is an abundance of E-bikes ready and waiting for you. 

These aren’t your regular bikes; they give you a little extra zoom-power, so you can explore even more without getting super tired. And you will need that as the roads can be rather hilly. 

With all these transportation options at your fingertips, Adriatic Exploration is calling your name. Time to hop on and see what Novalja has in store! 

But just be a little careful and get used to the roads.

The scenery is so breathtaking that it is very easy to get distracted and you don't want to be joining our friend the sheep again in the next field.  

Personalized Luxury Experience

plant villas novalja rent

Plant Villas isn't just your normal luxury villa in Novalja,  Plant Villas has taken luxury villas in Novalja to a brand new level.

Plant Villas is the definition of luxury villa VIP holidaying! Here, the resort is all about YOU.

Got a question? Need some local tips? Maybe you want to book a fantastic restaurant or the best VIP club table in one of the Zrće nightclubs.

Whatever it is, the Concierge service is like your very own personal helper. They’re there to make sure you get the most out of your visit. They can even organize a helicopter to come and whizz you away for a panoramic trip of a lifetime, or even air transfer you to Zadar airport

Each stay at Plant Villas is unique and is like having your own personal adventure, crafted just for you. Want to surprise a friend with a birthday treat?

Or maybe plan a fun day out on a luxury motorboat? The Plant Villa’s capable team has all the inside island information and has totally got your back.

So, whether you’re in Novalja for some solo chill-time, a festival frolic, a family getaway, or just a luxurious trip with pals, Plant Villas is all about making sure YOUR personalised stay is as fabulous and comfortable as you want to make it.

So, get ready to be a VIP superstar! 

Plant Villas Novalja: Summary

Plant Villas in Novalja are the perfect luxury villas you always dreamed about staying at.

They are far more than just a place to sleep; it's full of luxury things to do, smart features, chilled moments, and a place where lifelong memories are made.

Whether you're diving into the infinity pool, relaxing in the jacuzzi, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or zipping around on a scooter, there's a bit of Novalja magic in every corner.

So, if you're thinking of a holiday getaway where every single day feels like the best day ever, Plant Villas is waiting with open doors and open arms. 

Pack your suitcases, bring your excitement, and let the VIP luxury times roll!

plant villas novalja toiletries

Plant Villas Novalja: Novalja Luxury Villa Family Experience

It’s all well and good for us to have a good look around the Plant Villa Novalja resort location but all I could think of was, “It looks incredible but what is it actually like to stay here?”

Without a doubt, the villa complex is insanely luxurious and thoroughly well thought out but is it suitable for absolutely everyone? 

I mean, of course, a romantic couple or small group of adults will have no problem using all the cool gadgets and enjoying all the luxury features but what about families with kids or the senior citizens that visit Novalja en masse every year?

So, between ourselves and the magnificent staff at Plant Villas, we rolled out a villa stress test! 

You guessed it, we moved my crazy family in for a short stay! God help them!

My family consists of myself, Mummy Jelena, and our two toddlers Luka and Alfie who are 6 and 2 years old, respectively. And for good measure, we also invited along Grandma! 

Plant Villas are you ready?

Plant Villas Novalja: Our Arrival

plant villas novalja luxury resort

To be honest, I was a bit sneaky here. The only people I told about our stay were Jelena and Grandma. The kids had NO IDEA they were going to Plant Villas. 

We actually live about five minutes away from Plant Villas in Novalja, so we secretly packed the family stuff up and headed off in the kiddie mobile! Naturally, the little ones thought we were going to the beach but as we whizzed off down the road towards Lun I could see their excited beach faces in the rear-view mirror becoming more and more confused.

Then the questions began…”Tata, Where are we going? The beach is that way!”

A few minutes later we arrived at Plant Villas Novalja, I buzzed on the private gate entry pad and the opulent green gates began to swing open automatically.

I then jumped back into the car, the kids were sat openmouthed and we continued down to the reception building where the resort manager Maša was waiting for us. 

Maša then whisked us off to our villa and THEN the penny dropped with the kids. They knew they were about to stay at a beautiful villa!

Excitement level 1 BILLION was reached in less than 5 seconds. 

We pulled up at the villa, where there was ample covered space for two cars, and Maša followed along with the golden villa key! 

Obviously, there is a lot to understand and know about how the villa works so Maša gave us an in-depth walkthrough of the villa explaining every feature and how best to use the facilities.

By this time I was attempting to pick up Grandma’s jaw from the floor as she was totally overwhelmed with the quality and layout of the villa. You can safely say she was immediately impressed! 

I think the best moment for me on arrival was seeing the kids realize they were going to go into an actual swimming pool for the first time EVER!  

You may find that weird but we are Novalja locals, they were born here and we have the sea and beaches only 50 meters away from our front door. 

So, they are very much natural sea babies…or monsters! 

Maša finished her tour, ensured we had a full basket of fresh fruit and then she returned to reception leaving us to it.

Maša is great by the way! She is obviously highly invested in what they are trying to achieve at Plant Villas and that clearly comes across in her happy-to-help, positive, and passionate attitude. 

I think we can all agree that some 5-star locations often have rather “stiff and uptight” staff. 

Well, that's certainly not the case here at Plant Villas, thankfully!

The Pool and Terrace Area: The Perfect Chill Spot

luxury villa novalja plant villas

We arrived about 4 pm in the afternoon so it was reaching that perfect time of the day when we could unleash the family onto one the coolest spots in this luxury villa: the pool and terrace. 

It is pretty obvious that any guests to Plant Villas are going to spend the bulk of their vacation time in this area. And it certainly is a touch of paradise! 

First off, the pool is big and it is designed as a never-ending infinity pool. There is a shallow end at the top end with a little square ledge and this was perfect for little Alfie, our two-year-old, who loved splashing around there with Mummy Jelena and Grandma. 

Luka, our 6-year-old, was more adventurous and was savouring every moment of his first-ever pool experience jumping in and out and generally being an utter lunatic.

The pool does have quite a steep slope halfway down that drops down into the deep end so make sure you keep an eye on any non-swimmers, but I guess that it is an absolute safety formality in any pool environment.

Whether you're a fan of doing some up-and-down laps or just floating around with a ‘floatie’ sipping on a cocktail this pool's got space for it all. 

Now, imagine you've just had a relaxing swim and you're ready to dry off and relax. 

That's where the terrace pulls out the big guns! 

luxury villa novalja plant villas

It's like this big, open luxury lounge area right next to the pool. There are comfy chairs lining the pool, and sunloungers dotted around where you can kick back, maybe read a book, watch over the kids, or enjoy another ‘uber-delicious’ cocktail or cold drink. 

And if you're worried about getting too much sun, there are plenty of umbrellas and shady spots to keep you cool.

But my favourite bit was the monster-size luxury day bed at the end of the pool dressed with beautiful white curtains to shade you from the sun.

That is when I felt like a VIP rockstar…I even tried to take a sneaky nap…until the kids saw me and bombarded me! 

Full marks for trying though! 

As the day turned to dusk we soon discovered even more little details that make this outside space even better: there's soft lighting for evening dips and the jacuzzi is just calling your name! Well, it did mine….several times!

In short, this pool and terrace spot?

We put this to the test with our little clan and it's the perfect place to be when you're looking to have fun and unwind. Trust me, once you're there, you won't want to leave! Heaven in Novalja.

The Inside Kitchen: Cooking Up Some Fun!

plant villas inside kitchen

Okay, I have to put my hands up here! My initial idea was to have a BBQ in the evening and then I realized, much to my embarrassment, that I actually have no idea how to create and make a BBQ that firstly, stays super hot and secondly, doesn’t give my entire family food poisoning! 

It must be 20 years since I was last left in charge of a BBQ, and if memory serves right, it was a disaster. The sausages were black and inedible and the burgers looked rather sorry for themselves! 

So, instead of wasting hours of BBQ time, and fending off inquisitive toddlers, we opted to use the indoor kitchen - and what a good idea that was! 

You know how sometimes you just want to whip up a quick sandwich or push the boat out and cook a fancy dinner? Well, the Plant Villa indoor kitchen has all the modern kitchen tools you need. 

There are top-notch gadgets on hand that make cooking feel like an absolute breeze. And the best part? It's all super easy to use. Even if you're not a master chef, you'll feel like one here!

It's like walking into your dream kitchen! It’s the heart of the villa and the first thing that struck me was that it was sparkling clean, super spacious, and packed full of everything you need with a big dining table more than ready to roll out a traditional Croatian 6-course gourmet dinner!

However, being a family we opted for kiddies meals and pasta! And that was a piece of cake to throw together…please excuse yet another terrible pun.

There's a dishwasher, a fridge, a modern cooker, and plenty of counter space for all your culinary adventures.

So, whether you're a snack ninja or someone who loves cooking big family meals, the indoor kitchen has totally got your back. 

Dobra Tek! 

Living Room and TV Tech: Netflix and Chill

plant villa lounge

Pool done. Dinner Done. Dishes on in the dishwasher! It was now time to chill for a little bit in the living room area before bedtime for the little ones. 

If you've ever dreamed about having a movie theater in your house, the Plant Villa luxury living room is your dream come true! Right smack in the center wall is a huge 75" TV. 

And guess what? It's not just any TV; it's like having a cinema screen right in your living room and Netflix and HBO are hooked up and ready to go.

We are big fans and users of Netflix so we were all thrilled when we turned on the mega TV and Netflix fired up straight away with no lag or dodgy internet reception. And you know what 

The TV streaming was stable and consistent for our entire stay! 

So 10 popcorns out of ten for that! 

Now, what's Netflix without some comfy seating? The lounge sofa furniture in this room is next level.

We're talking plush, super comfy, and big enough so that the whole family can pile on! It's the perfect spot to curl up with some snacks and dive into a Netflix binge.

But our attempt at a binge was soon cut short as the little ones and Grandma soon started to nod off. 


Comfort of the Bedrooms: Dreamland for Everyone!

plant villas novalja bedroom 3

As we chatted about in the earlier part of this article these Novalja Villas are designed to sleep seven people. 

Our plan was for myself and Jelena to have the main bedroom leading out to the terrace, the little ones would have slept in the huge double bedroom number 2 and Grandma would have the single room that is positioned between the Main bedroom and bedroom 2.

We thought that would be the best plan of action as we were all in an unfamiliar house and the kids could find us super easy if they woke up in the night, as they often do.

Well, that plan soon went flying out the window.

I sat watching Netflix whilst Mum and Grandma went off to put Alfie and Luka to bed.

Half an hour passed and things were UNUSUALLY quiet. 

Hmmm! I got up to investigate only to find Jelena, Alfie, and Luka all fast asleep together in the main upstairs bedroom. And Grandma was snoozing away on the big double bed in bedroom 2!

I can safely assume that they all found the beds ridiculously comfortable.

“Aha” I thought. And I admit, it was terrible to think this, but I thought….“What a result!”

I soon gathered my sleeping stuff, turned off all the upstairs gadgets and lights, and in less than a minute, I was in bed downstairs in my favourite room, the dark bedroom! 

The bed must be a King size and I think the TV in the dark bedroom is even bigger than the others, and it’s on this really cool swing-out TV frame so this huge screen seems to hover above the bed. 

Air con activated! TV on. No kids. PERFECTION.

But sadly I didn’t get to take full advantage of that because, as per usual, I was asleep in under 3 minutes! 

Laku noć.

plant villas novalja bedroom 2

Mastering the Air Conditioning: Cool Vibes All Around!

As I mentioned the AC above I thought I’d quickly cover that. 

Have you ever been staying at a hotel or a villa where some rooms are too hot and others are too cold? Or you need a degree in engineering to figure out the AC system? I know I have! 

But not here. The air conditioning system is like having your very own weather control!

First up and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the AC controls are a piece of cake. The control panels are easily found on the wall and all easy-to-read displays, and you can set the perfect temperature in seconds. No more guessing or fumbling around.

Some of the AC in the bedrooms is controlled by the dials on the air con units themselves but this is just as easy to use. 

This AC? It reaches everywhere. From the tippy top of the villa right down to the underground rooms, you'll feel that cool breeze. Whether you're chilling in the living room or playing pool in the games room, it's always just right and easily adjustable.

So, wave goodbye to hot, sticky days, humid nights, and frustrating AC controls and say hello to some perfect chilled vibes. 

Breakfast is Served! 

plant villas breakfast fresh bread

Dobra Jutro!

After a lavish and undisturbed night's sleep, we were all up and about fairly early. 

The kids were straight in the pool whilst us “grown-ups” were focused on that main morning task…coffee!

As we sat outside sipping on our morning fuel we noticed a small bag had been left by the Plant Villa staff on the outside table. It contained freshly made bread for us to use for our breakfast.

What a great way to start the day and a really nice added touch. And my word, it did taste pretty awesome. 

After breakfast, We all chilled out in and around the pool for a few hours soaking up the glorious views, and the one thing we did notice was how quiet it was. It really was blissfully peaceful. 

11 a.m. came around and that was the cut-off point for being in the pool and being out on the terrace. It was becoming too hot and we didn’t want anyone to get struck down by the dreaded sunburn! 

The kids are half English, and we all know that we English go bright pink and walk around saying “Don’t touch me” for several hours after being in the sun for a few minutes too long! 

So what next?

The Playstation 5 Games Area

plant villas novalja games area

It’s pretty obvious what was next, isn’t it? Luka dried off, was straight indoors, down the stairs, and settled into the underground PlayStation 5 play area.

We got Luka a PlayStation a few months ago, he is still getting used to it, but this was like like a dream come true for the little man who is just starting out with games.

Setting up the PS5? Just press a button, grab your controller (they have two), and you're all set for some villa gaming adventures.

But what's a Plant Villa gaming session without some seriously well-thought-out luxury? 

The gaming area has these two beautifully comfortable chaise-longue-type chairs where you can stretch out. And if you're in the mood to go super lazy, there are these squishy beanbags that are also perfect for sinking into. 

Plus, with the dim lights and cozy underground ambiance, it's like having your own mini arcade. 

Luka was happy, Alfie was with Mummy Jelena, and Grandma was fiddling around the villa - as Grandma’s do. 

There was only one thing I was interested in. THE SAUNA!

The Sauna: A Toasty Retreat for Everyone!

plant villas novalja sauna

Each Plant Villa has a sauna that's literally straight out of a Scandinavian travel guidebook!

I followed Maša’s instructions and turned the sauna on for 90 minutes before using it and by the time it was ready, the sauna was absolutely roasting. 

I have used saunas at my local gym dozens of times before in the United Kingdom and this was just as good, if not better than any I have used in the past.

Let's talk about design. It's made of this beautiful, smooth wood and can fit quite a few people in at once. It is also fitted with all the standard sauna gadgets, an egg timer, and a temperature gauge.

So, whether you're in there with friends or just wanting some "me" time, there's space for everyone. I had “ME” time. For 15 whole minutes! I never spend more than 15 minutes in a sauna, it just gets too intense for me.

When you finish, just make sure you turn it off after you have used it, and by the way, the touchscreen control pad was super easy to figure out.

And finally, a top tip, have a cold shower or jump in the pool. This is really important as a sauna opens up your skin pores causing the cleansing mechanism to kick in, the cold water a cold shower or a cooler pool then closes the same pores.

This will protect your skin even further by preventing any “nasties” from entering open pores. 

But, why do people use saunas? 

Well, besides feeling AMAZING, it's actually good for you. It can help relax your muscles, clear your skin, and can even help you breathe better. It's like giving your body a mini-vacation! 

And that is all true, afterward I felt totally invigorated and ready to face the rest of the day. 

The Pool Table and Bar Room

Without a doubt this is the coolest hangout spot in the villa: the Pool Table and Premium Bar Room. It's where the fun stuff happens with a touch of style.

Unfortunately, as a family, I made a decision to keep the little ones away from this room. This is definitely an adult's play area and expensive bottles, fridges, and pool balls do not mix well with my little terrors. 

They are just too young to understand and to be absolutely honest there is so much else to do at the villa they didn’t really need to go into that particular section of the villa. 

BUT. And a BIG BUT. 

If I was still a drinker and was on holiday here with my friends this would absolutely be the focal point of the villa experience. It is an incredible space fitted out with a high-class pool table, a huge range of alcoholic drinks, an ice maker, flat screen TV, and comfortable seating furniture. 

Most men would say it is the perfect man cave! And it’s even underground…fully air-conditioned, of course,

This villa bar has got everything. A selection of soft drinks, waters, local Pag cheese, wines from Boškinac, and a whole range of premium spirits. There is literally something for everyone, no matter what you're in the mood for.

But the star of the show is the big, shiny green-clothed pool table right in the middle! Whether you're a pool shark or a first-timer, it's super fun to play. And what an incredible addition to the villa.

There's also another HUGE TV on the wall. So, you can play pool, sip on your ice-cold drink, and catch up on your favourite shows all at the same time. 

What’s not to like?

The Outside Kitchen: Cooking Under the Sky!

luxury villa novalja plant villas

It was getting a bit later in the day and we could now venture back outside to use the pool and terrace area again.

We had a small bite of lunch earlier but now we were all feeling rather hungry so I thought it was definitely the right time to fire up the outside kitchen! 

Have you ever cooked under the open sky? If not, you're in for a treat! The Outside Kitchen at the villa is where gastronomy meets the great outdoors.

First, let's talk tools. I mentioned earlier that there's a big BBQ grill that's perfect for sizzling burgers and hotdogs but we again opted to use the outdoor kitchen facilities which include a huge refrigerator, sink, pots, pans, plates, and a very capable electrical cooking hob area.

I soon knocked up some chicken and a refreshing salad and we all sat down together to eat.

There are comfy chairs all around and there is a big table next to the kitchen area that a big family can all sit around. 

Whether you're having a quick snack or a group dinner, there's plenty of room for everyone.

There's definitely something special about cooking and eating outside. The fresh air makes everything taste a little bit better, and it's just so fun to cook and chat with everyone under the stars or the blue sky. 

By the way, half of the terrace is cleverly covered so you are protected and shielded against the blazing sun.

And lastly, one of the things I like best is that you get to hear the birds sing and the crickets chirping away while you whip up and eat your tasty treats.

Safety for Toddlers: Keeping Our Little Explorers Safe!

plant villas novalja jacuzzi

This is one for the Mums, Dads, Grandparents and guardians! 

It goes without saying that when we are on holiday, especially around swimming pools and stairs, we want to make sure they're safe and sound. 

To be brutally honest, toddlers will and can hurt themselves pretty much anywhere, even at home. 

If you are sensible Plant Villas can definitely act as a big, safe playground for toddlers.

By the pool and terrace? No worries! Just keep an eye on them at all times. Especially if they are really young or non-swimmers. 

Our two toddlers had the time of their lives at Plant Villas so much so that Luka didn’t want to leave (literally cried) and all the week after our youngest, Alfie, was asking to go back to “Grandma’s house” - bless him, he thought the Villa was his Grandmas! 

Inside the villa, it's pretty toddler-proof. I wouldn’t say there weren’t any hazards at all but there is EVERYWHERE we go.

We made sure that any breakables were very much out of reach of little fingers and that they were monitored all the time. 

It’s just standard parenting. You get that bit right and they will be all set up so our little adventurers can explore without a hiccup.

And there's more! Plant Villa does offer some handy gear just for toddlers. Think of high chairs, stair gates, and even some toys to keep them busy. You only have to ask the staff and they will look after all of that.

So, while the kids have a blast exploring their new vacation home, you can relax, knowing they will be safe. 

But I will say one thing, there is an open pool and jacuzzi on location so please keep a close eye on them at all times and don't let them wander off by themselves. Simple really and I guess that goes without saying. 

luxury villa novalja plant villas

Novalja Luxury Villa: Plant Villas Verdict

Wow, that was utterly sensational! From the fantastic service, and shimmering infinity pool to the luxury bedrooms, Plant Villa Luxury villa resort in Novalja is the very definition of what it means to be a Novalja luxury villa.

In fact, Plant Villas has really pushed the boundaries on VIP luxury accommodation in the region. They have set a high standard for others to follow. 

Whether you're a couple looking for a romantic getaway, a group of pals ready for some Zrće festival fun, a family vacation, or anyone in between, this place will be an absolute thrill for all.

Every corner of the resort seemed to whisper: "Relax, spoil yourselves, and make forever memories." 

And that's precisely what we did. 

It wasn't just a place to stay; Plant Villas is an experience, filled with elegance, luxury, smiles, fun, and heartwarming moments.

In short? My family loved every second of our stay, we will always remember our experience there, especially the kids, with it being their first time in a swimming pool. 

That is exactly what holidays are made for, to create moments that will never be forgotten.

Plant Villas Novalja is a dream location for what felt like a dream vacation. 

A very big “Hvala vam” to Maša and the Plant Villa team. 

About the author

Dexter arrived in Novalja in 2011 after living in Ibiza for many years. He's a digital media and electronic music strategist who promotes prominent events all over Europe. He met a local girl, Jelena, and they now have two beautiful boys. With a long-standing involvement in Croatian tourism Dexter has now turned that passion into a Novalja focussed blog.

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