Ice Cream in Novalja (Be Careful! It’s ADDICTIVE!)

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Croatia, sunshine and Ice cream go hand in hand. If you ever speak to anyone who visits Croatia I guarantee you they will always say, “If you are in Croatia, you must try the ice cream!”

This is very true and certainly applies to ice cream in Novalja. It is pretty much everywhere.

There are dedicated ice cream parlours, restaurants always stock delicious varieties and you can always grab ice cream in Novalja from plenty of the Tabac and local shops.

We thought we would make looking for the best ice cream in Novalja really easy for you by putting together this small list of popular ice cream, we at the Novalja Local team are regular visitors!

It is also super affordable, perfect for the whole family and you will be looking at paying roughly 10 kuna a scoop! Bargain.

Let’s start then…

palma ice cream store in novalja

Palma Caffe & Bar

This is one of our favourite ice cream places in Novalja and you can often find us munching on their colourful ice creams!

Palma has been operating for years and can be found in the heart of Novalja. Just down from the Cocomo bar.

They have everything from bright blue bubble gum flavour all the way through to your regular vanillas. Lots of choices to pick from!

They also have a small terrace opposite the parlour where you can also treat yourselves to a coffee, Coke or an alcoholic drink.

And let's not forget, the service is excellent and speedy.

Armi ice cream store in novalja


A little further down the promenade street road is Armi which, again, is another long standing establishment providing ice cream in Novalja.

They too have an immense and colourful ice cream menu to drool over.

Their location is right on the main square in Novalja so provides an ideal “pit-stop” to stock up on ice cream in Novalja centre whilst you explore the town.

They also operate as a cafe-bar so you can also sit, relax there and watch the world go by. 

Armi also has something a little extra. They also offer a spectacular cake selection that is located right next to the ice creams.

Be prepared, they are stunning! 

Riva ice cream store in novalja


As you travel down the hill into Novalja you will see to the left of the main roundabout an ice cream parlour called Riva.

Again, this is another establishment that has been going for years and their ice cream selection is brilliant. 

Riva is perfect if you are spending the day on Lokunje beach and fancy an ice cream, it’s only 100 metres away.

Definitely one of our top choices for some of the best ice cream in Novalja.

Food Factory ice cream store in novalja

Food Factory

As you walk into town from the roundabout end of Novalja you pass by the numerous fast food places and tourist shops.

Amongst these is The Food Factory.

The Food Factory serves an array of popular fast food and the quality is actually really good!

Of course, they offer the usual burgers, kebabs and fries but the Food Factory also has an excellent Ice Cream section added on to it as well. 

So if you fancy ice cream for dessert or just a treat before you hit town the Food Factory has you covered.

a tisak in novalja croatia


You may be wondering why we have included the Tisak booths. Well, let me explain. 

Tisaks can be found all over Croatia and they offer a wide range of cigarettes, confectionery and newspapers.

Over the years we’ve often found ourselves drawn to the well stocked ice cream freezer they all have located at the front of the shops.

The selection is always appealing and they stock all the best brands.

So, if you are looking for a super easy place to get an ice cream in Novalja or simply want a quick treat for the kids then the Tisaks, believe it or not, are often the perfect place to pick up an ice cream in Novalja.

Nice and easy.

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Dexter arrived in Novalja in 2011 after living in Ibiza for many years. He's a digital media and electronic music strategist who promotes prominent events all over Europe. He met a local girl, Jelena, and they now have two beautiful boys. With a long-standing involvement in Croatian tourism Dexter has now turned that passion into a Novalja focussed blog.

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