About Povljana

Povljana is located on the southern part of the island and is the permanent home to only 800 people.

However, in the summer Povljana welcomes “in the know” guests from all around the world transforming this little destination into an idyllic Adriatic getaway.

Povljana has beautiful beaches, fabulous scenery, crystal clear sea waters, and is rich in wildlife. Pretty much the perfect Adriatic holiday getaway if you are looking for a hidden Croatian gem.

Povljana is also one of the closest Pag Island locations to Zadar which is only 43 kilometers away. So you can enjoy both beautiful island life and the lure of the city attractions simultaneously!

Povljana Apartments

If you look at Povljana on a map you will see it is not very large. This also means that it does not have any hotel or hostel accommodation. The standard accommodation available in Povljana is well-maintained, air-conditioned apartments.

Povljana’s position is right on the island’s coast so all apartments are well within walking distance to the local beaches and amenities. All in all, an idyllic holiday setting.

Further more, you will find private apartments to meet all types of budgets and we have listed some of the best and most popular Povljana apartments to stay in here.

povljana pag island

Villas in Povljana

The vast majority of villas are found in the more populated regions of Pag Town and Novalja.

However, there are a handful of villas in the area of Povljana but please be aware that the number is low as Povljana is far smaller and more remote.

They too come with wonderful views, first-class facilities, swimming pools and are still conveniently local to the towns of Zadar, and Pag Town.

Povljana Restaurants

There are a number of bistros and konaba restaurants in and around Povljana

They provide of a range of à la carte, pizzeria, fast food, seafood, and local specialty dishes. Go on, spoil yourself. Dobra tek!

povljana town

Povljana Beaches

The beaches in Povljana are divine and you have a number locally to select from. 

The typical distance from the center of Povljana is about 1 km. This this journey can easily be done by foot.

Povljana beaches are made up of small stones, with some sandy parts, so bring the right footwear.

The beaches do have some green spaces but there is little natural shade so also come prepared with sun shades. Additionally, we recommend you bring a sunshade with you!

These shades from Decathlon seem really popular on the beaches.!

Some, not all, of the beaches have café and bistro facilities serving meals and cold drinks. 

Povljana beaches offer’s the perfect day out and you can find out more about Povljana’s local beach options here.

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