Aquarius Zrće: The Next Chapter of the Zrće Beach Book.

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Just like Papaya, the rapid development of Zrce beach owes a great deal to Aquarius Zrće's investment and year-on-year consistency. 

Since the beginning, Aquarius Zrće, situated next door to Papaya Zrće, has ensured that the venue is, in every way, a global superclub and has booked hundreds of World class DJs over the last 2 decades, since they have been operating. 

With its state-of-the-art sound system, world-class DJ lineups, and top-notch entertainment and  facilities, it's no wonder that Aquarius Zrće has become another super popular destination on Zrće beach

Similarly, they too operate a 24-carat artistic day and night program! However, 2019 was a turning point in the clubs history as the venue was taken on by new owners who have big vision! 

The venue now takes on a whole new different look, feel, and technical setup.

Watch. This. Space.

History & Background

Just like its prominent neighbour Aquarius Zrće first opened its doors in the early 2000s, and since then has become one of the most popular open-air superclub venues in Europe. 

Again, this venue originally started out as a small beach bar, and Aquarius Zrce has since grown into a massive electronic music entertainment complex, boasting several bars, restaurants, and VIP sections. 

overview of aquarius zrce beach club

About Aquarius Zrće

Over the years, the Novalja based venue has hosted some of the biggest names in electronic music and has been a pivotal venue in festivals such as Spring Break, Barakud, Hideout, and Sonus festivals. 

It originally become well known for its hedonistic daytime pool parties throughout the 2000s but this pool area has now been developed into the brand new Nomad cabaret and club facility.

As the popularity of Aquarius Zrće has grown, so too have the level and number of illustrious events festivals, and parties being hosted there. 

From a seasonal DJ program to world-famous festivals, Aquarius Zrce has become an eclectic party destination for the global party-trotter!

The venue has also expanded to include a variety of features, such as VIP plunge pools, a large VIP area, and an excellent cabaret restaurant venue next door at the aforementioned Nomad section of the venue.

To be fair to Nomad, Nomad is actually now its own dedicated venue, detached from Aquarius, and we take a look at  Nomad in much deeper detail in this Nomad club & restaurant feature here.

Despite its growth, however, Aquarius Zrće has remained true to its roots as a beachside party destination, with energy filled, an open-to-the-stars atmosphere that keeps visitors coming back year after year.

DJ Mag Top 100 Rankings

Last year Aquarius was again voted in the TOP 20 of the DJ Mag Top 100 clubs worldwide.

They too are a familiar fixture in DJ Mag's prestigious top 20. With new ownership in 2019, we can see this club venue go from strength to strength. The Top 10 is calling! 

Aquarius Zrce, The Next Chapter.

New owners took over in the winter of 2019 and they have transformed the commonly known ‘After Beach’ A2 after-beach arena (and inside area) into the fabulous Nomad cabaret dinner and nightclub location. 

However, the monster main stage A1 Aquarius Zrce arena is still a very much a dominating feature of the venue, still hosting a who’s who of international DJ talent throughout the summer season.

Aquarius Zrce is located right next door to Club Papaya on Zrce beach and their main arena serves as a spectacular open-air daily beach club as well as a key venue for the visiting festival brands.

Aquarius A1's capacity is approximately 2000 people and it has a large VIP terrace where you can look out over the dance floor, across Zrće beach, the Adriatic Sea, and the distant Velebit mountains. 

The club again spares no cost with production and lighting whilst beautiful and professional dancers grace the podiums until dawn. 

Aquarius Zrće is simply astonishing whether it be hosting a booming Sonus festival daytime Techno party or getting down with a Fresh Island Hip Hop headliner.

night time at aquarius zrce beach

Festival Location

Visiting Aquarius Zrće is, again, a unique OPEN AIR experience that combines stunning natural beauty with an electric atmosphere. The venue sits in the middle of Zrće beach in between Papaya and Euphoria.

The venue's beachfront location with the jaw dropping mountain backdrop, roofless vibe, and world-class sound systems offers a once-in-a-lifetime clubbing opportunity. 

There really is no other place on Earth that has a handful of gold-standard, high-profile, and, most importantly, open-air clubbing venues within 1000 metres of each other.

The atmosphere at Aquarius Zrce is lively, the drinks are always flowing, and music and dancing fills the air.

The venue is known for its great service, and friendly vibe and with visitors from all walks of life coming together to enjoy the clubbing location. 

Visiting Aquarius Zrće 

For first-time visitors, there are a few tips to keep in mind to make the most of their experience at Aquarius Zrce. 

First and foremost, visitors should come prepared to party. With events and parties happening day and night, it's important to pace oneself and stay hydrated to avoid burning out too quickly. 

Visitors should also take advantage of the venue's facilities and surroundings, such as the beaches, restaurants, and watersports. 

Relaxing in the sun, having a bit of a disco break, and taking a dip in the water can be a great way to recharge and prepare for your next party. And there is plenty of them! 

view fron  dj booth at aquarius zrce

Embrace Diversity

Visitors to Aquarius, and Zrće in general, should be open to trying a hep of new things and meeting new people from all corners of the globe.

Aquarius Zrće is a melting pot of cultures and nationalities, and visitors are sure to meet people from all over. 

Embracing this diversity and making new connections can be one of the most rewarding aspects of visiting Aquarius Zrće.

I have met people on Zrće from all over the world and we are still in touch to this very day, thanks to social media and reunions back in Novalja.

Visiting Aquarius Zrće is certainly an experience. With its stunning location, world-class DJ lineups, continental feel, affordable prices, and lively atmosphere, it's no wonder that it has become one of the most popular party destinations in Europe.

VIP Experience

The VIP experience at Aquarius Zrce is quite divers and multi layered all depending on the specific package you commit to.

However, in general, VIP guests can expect a range of benefits and perks such as:

Exclusive access to VIP areas: VIP guests typically have access to dedicated areas with the BEST views of the stage or dance floor.

Private tables and seating: VIP guests may have access to private tables, booths or seating areas, which can provide a more intimate and much more comfortable setting.

Bottle service: Many VIP packages include bottle service, allowing guests to enjoy premium spirits and champagne delivered directly to their table.

Dedicated staff: VIP guests may have access to dedicated staff, including waitresses and security, to ensure they have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Priority entry: VIP guests often have priority entry to the venue, allowing them to skip the long lines and get straight to the party.

Overall, the VIP experience at Aquarius Zrce is designed to provide guests with a more luxurious and personalised experience, allowing them to enjoy the music, dancing and Aquarius vibe in style.

Aquarius Zrće: The Verdict

Over the years, Aquarius Zrće has grown from a small, unrecognised beach bar to a massive clubbing mecca that now has an indisputable global heavyweight clubbing reputation.

Looking to the future, with its more than capable new owners, Aquarius Zrće will almost certainly have ambitious plans to expand its Zrće beach offerings and cement its position as a juggernaut dance music venue.

See you on the dance floor!

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