Family Things to Do on Pag: Spoilt For Choice!

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While not quite as well known as Honolulu, Fiji, or the Maldives, Pag Island is a fan favorite for many that are looking to visit the Croatian coasts.

Out by the Adriatic Sea, Pag Island may seem, at first glance, a pretty sparse and uninspired area. 

Once thought to have been exploited for its resources by the Venetians, Pag Island today looks like a rocky, treeless island that doesn't have a whole lot going for it. There is a reason why it’s nickname is the “Moonrock”.

That, however, couldn't be further from the truth.

isolated beach in pag

Particularly throughout the summer months, the Croatian island comes alive! Visitors and tourists come from all over the world to enjoy its open beaches and incredible sites. It's a place that, without a doubt, everyone should visit at least once.

And if you thought this island was only beautiful beaches, think again! On top of the super wild and riotous beach parties that happen, Pag Island also has a variety of family-friendly activities that are available. 

While it is known for its crazy parties, the island is one of the most family-friendly options in all of the region.

Throughout the year, Pag Island retains many of its tourists and visitors through its variety of different foods, lacework, and historical innovations.

Whether it's during the busier summer months or maybe during the holidays, if you're planning to come to Pag Island, be sure to check out some of these five places:

two pag cheeses

Gligora Cheese Factory

Learn how cheese was made centuries ago! Take a tour through this award-winning cheese factory as they use age-old traditional techniques to create some of the island's most delicious creations.

Whether you're visiting the island  in the warm summer months or the cooler winter ones, you'll certainly want to make time to visit this friendly factory.

Throughout the tour, the guide will give a detailed overview, explaining exactly what they do and how the islanders create these amazing specialty cheeses.

From Zigljen to Paski sir, all of these cheeses blow your taste buds away. And the best news, if you like it, you can order some for yourself at the shop!

Address: Figurica 20, 23251 Kolan

Hours: Mon-Sat from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Cost: 7 euro

arial view of planjka beach pag

Planjka Family Beach

One of the hallmark signs of a Croatian beach, Planjka Beach is home to beautiful sparkling crystal waters and sits in a fabulous cove.

The beach also has watersports and a waterpark for the kids to enjoy! There is a huge variety of sunbeds and beach umbrellas, its guests either a great place to get some shade or build up a pitch for the day and relax along with the cool island breeze.

And while many would expect a beach like this to be ruined from parties, events, or just large crowds, that's not the case.

Expect to find a family orientated environment to the other Novalja beaches, even during the wilder summer months!

This is because the beach is fairly isolated from most of the island's crazier  locations, making it an ideal spot to chill for the days.

Parking is completely free, there are a bunch of great restaurants and the beach has a big range of children orientated activities.  

While Planjka Beach may be a few kilometres out of Novalja, its beautiful waters and variety of activities certainly make it worth it.

inside the lace museum pag

The Lace Museum

While many know and love Pag Island for its incredible beaches and delicious foods, it is also highly regarded for its amazing lacework clothing and garments.

Used to adorn nobles, emperors, and the common people, Pag's lace-making work stretches back for centuries, even as far back as the Renaissance.

It is such an intrinsic and vital part of the Pag and Croatian culture, UNESCO inscribed it to their Intangible Cultural Heritage List back in 2009.

The island hosts a museum known as the Ducal Palace, which is used to show many of these beautiful pieces of lacework as well as historical illustrations over time. 

Whether you've been rained out of the beach or simply want to learn some valuable history in the area, this is an incredible place to visit with some truly remarkable pieces of lace art to witness.

Address: Trg Kralja Petra Krešimira IV

Hours: Jun-Sep 8:00 am to 11:00 pm

Cost: $ 1.80 euro

view of the franceśa boat in pag

Island Boat Guided Tours

A perfect way to spend a day on the water, the multiple boat tours available will take you out over several locations on this leisurely boat cruise.

You'll be able to check out some of the local caves as well as visit some beaches that are too inaccessible to reach any other way.

And that's all when you get off of the ship.

When you're on, you'll be able to do some sunbathing as well as have a full midday meal usually including grilled chicken or mackerel, bread, vegetables, and plenty of wine or juice to make your head spin.

You'll have hours upon hours of fun as this tour goes from 9:30 in the morning till around 6:30 at night.

Standard tickets cost around 30 Euros.

in the olive gardens of lun pag

Olive Gardens of Lun

A perfect option for families or groups interested in immersing themselves in living history, the island has an incredible 24-hectare grove that is protected by the local government and the EU. 

This incredible garden is home to over 80,000 olives and 15,000 olive trees, many of which are well over 1,200 years old. It really is a remarkable place.

You can take a guided tour through the site either on foot or via a golf cart.

The walking tour is set to take around 2 hours while the golf cart tour takes only about 45 minutes.

For those that are interested in going off the beaten path and want to explore the grove site on their own, you can wander the gardens completely for free.

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