Croatia Caves (Feeling Adventurous?)

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Croatia has an amazing amount to offer both indoor enthusiasts and adventurous outdoor explorers. 

If you love roaming around and enjoying the surrounding scenery, a hike on the hilly trails of Croatia is your best choice. 

However, if you prefer exciting enclosed environments, you may want to visit one of these Croatia caves.

modrič cave croatia

Modrič Cave

Are you brave! This Croatia cave is somewhat different! 

Some 30km from Zadar, there is a unique and unspoiled cave called the Modric Cave. 

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that there were no concrete paths built in it and no light posts installed along its dark tunnels since its very discovery. 

Before the tour begins, you will be given caver equipment so you can explore the cave safely and enjoy each dripstone in close detail. 

The cafe is rich in stalactites, stalagmites, and underground columns.

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Blue Cave

Thanks to its hypnotizing blue water, the Blue Cave, located on the island of Bisevo, is considered the most beautiful Croatia cave.. 

The sunlight penetrates the ocean through an underwater crack and bounces off the seabed, rendering the sea a sapphire blue hue. 

The only way you can visit this natural wonder is on a private boat tour that is available from different points on the coast locally. 

The closest starting point is Komia on Island Vis which is about 9 km from Bisevo.

We recommend you visit the cave between 11 AM and 14 PM. 

It's when the sun shines at an angle that creates the most intense colors of blue.

barać caves croatia

Barać Caves

If you are in the region of Plitvice Lakes, don't hesitate to visit the nearby Barać caves. 

The caves were opened to the public in the late 19th century, then closed following World War 2. 

It reopened to the public again in 2004. 

You can visit the stunningly beautiful caves only on a guided tour. 

Organized tours to this Croatia cave are well worth trying out and give you the chance to see mesmerizing stalactites, fossil remains dating back thousands of years, and local fauna with its most numerous ‘local’ - the bat.

verternica cave croatia

Veternica Cave

Situated in the Medvednica National Park, the Veternica Cave is not one of the most popular of caves in Croatia. 

But it is utterly stunning! 

We have included the Veternica Croatia cave as it really has many beautiful and interesting things to offer. 

You can see the jaw of a Croatian cave bear, some fossil mud, a stone waterfall, ancient fossils, a wishing well, and, obviously, lots of types of erosion. 

If you are in the Medvednica national park it is well worth a visit.

cerovac cave croatia

Cerovac Caves

The Cerovac caves complex is made up of three caves: the Lower, the Middle, and the Upper Cave.

This particular Croatia cave system stretches over a vast 7 kilometers underground.

Visitors can go only the first 700m which is still enough for an unforgettable cave exploring experience. 

You will see wild bear markings on the rocks and splendid flowstones and patterns created by running  water over the centuries.

odysseus cave croatia

Odysseus Cave

This cave is found on the island of Mljet. The island boasts a stunning speleological structure, called the Odysseus Cave. 

Legend has it that Odysseus swam to the cave when his ship failed in the sea. 

There he met the nymph, Calypso, who kept him captive on the island for 7 years. 

Nowadays, this Croatia cave is a popular destination for tourists, and not only because of its legend. 

It also has a beautiful rocky tunnel with crystal clear waters that becomes turquoise when the sunlight reflects off the sea bottom.

vindija cave croatia

Vindija Cave

This is a really interesting place. Vindija Cave is the perfect destination for those who are interested in the evolution of the human species. 

While the cave doesn't have gorgeous stalactites, it is home to skeletal remains of Neanderthals who inhabited the planet some 30,000 years ago. 

The remains were used by scientists to investigate the DNA of archaic humans. 

The Vindija Cave has located 88km from Zagreb and is a real ‘must-see’ Croatia cave if you are interested in our ancestors!

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